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Bachelor in Paradise updates: Corinne’s latest statement, DeMario’s story, new alcohol policy

Bachelor in Paradise updates: Corinne’s latest statement, DeMario’s story, new alcohol policy

Bachelor in Paradise has resumed production in Mexico, though it will not debut Aug. 8 as previously scheduled.

That happened after Warner Bros.’ completed its investigation and denied that there was “misconduct by a cast member” and denied that “the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy.” But it did say there would be “changes to the show’s policies and procedures.”

Since then, both Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, the two contestants involved who both previously identified themselves, have come forward with more information.

What’s happened with Bachelor in Paradise season four:

Corinne’s team’s investigation is over

After Warner Bros. said it had completed its investigation and found nothing, Corinne’s lawyer said they were still investigating independently, and said there were “multiple new witnesses.”

In a statement released to media, Corinne said she has “no recollection of the events” but says the investigation is over and was “completed to my satisfaction. She will not return to Bachelor in Paradise, but said she is “happy about the changes that have been made to the production.”

Her full statement:

“In light of the overwhelming amount of misinformation that has been spread in the media, I want to clarify a few things. My intent over the past few weeks has been to learn and understand what happened on June 4. While I never filed complaints or accusations against anyone associated with Bachelor in Paradise, my team and I felt it was very important to be thorough in getting to the bottom of what had occurred. I felt victimized by the fact that others were judging me through conflicting and unsubstantiated reports, while I myself had no recollection of the events that transpired.

My team’s investigation into this matter has now been completed to my satisfaction. I am also happy about the changes that have been made to the production of Bachelor In Paradise. While I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a participant on The Bachelor, and while I was invited to return to Bachelor In Paradise when production resumed, I respectfully made the decision not to return.

I understand the media’s interest in this story, and I greatly appreciate my fans’ concerns for my well-being, but I think it is best if I keep any further thoughts private for now.”

DeMario’s version of Bachelor in Paradise events

In a two-hour interview with E! News, DeMario Jackson told his version of the events of the production and the aftermath. He said:

“…to see Corinne get disrespected and her name dragged through the mud…it just sucked. To witness it and be in the middle of a scandal, but it was turned into this this race war. It was black and white. And it wasn’t the case. People were saying bad things about her and me and before anything was out, we were already guilty.”

DeMario gave a detailed account of his sexual encounter with Corinne, which started with both of them naked in the pool:

“It was more like her being the aggressor, which was sexy. When you have an attractive girl telling you what she wants…this is hot, I like it. For the most part, the cameras are around, it’s a very intimate scene. I’m feeling the girl, I’m into this.”

He said the alcohol made him unable to have an erection, and that’s when she climbed out of the pool and “She straddled me, like put her…right on my, literally smack dab right there.”

DeMario says cameras filmed the whole time, and another cast member walked by during oral sex.

“It was nothing out of the ordinary. It was nothing that hasn’t been seen on Paradise before… We were both super coherent, we were both speaking. For me, 100 percent, it never once hit me, ‘this girl is too drunk.'”

The next day, DeMario said a producer pulled him aside and said,  “Take off your mic…Here’s what I’m gonna need you to do. I’m going to need you to bow out. I’m going to need you to tell Chris and the crew you love them, but you’re not there for the right reasons.”

DeMario and the producer discussed consent, and according to DeMario, the producer said, “it’s a workplace environment and we take these things serious [sic]”  and said “We can’t have you on the show.”

DeMario arrived home the Thursday, three days before news broke of the production shutdown.

Bachelor in Paradise changed its alcohol policy—to allow binge drinking?

The only reported change to the production is a shift in the show’s alcohol policy.

TMZ said alcohol consumption is being monitored and limited to two drinks per hour, and food is now being served (did they not get to eat before?!). TMZ did not define what a “drink” consists of.

If that is accurate, it would still constitute binge drinking for women. The CDC says:

“The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 grams percent or above. This typically happens when men consume 5 or more drinks or women consume 4 or more drinks in about 2 hours.

The show will address what happened

Both Corinne and DeMario will be included in the version of Bachelor in Paradise that airs, though what it includes or how much they’ll be featured is still a question.

Variety reported that “the show will address the scandal,” though gave no further detail than that, citing only an anonymous source who said, “Not sure how in depth [the season] will get with the situation. We will definitely address there was a stop-down, and how things will move going forward.”

How producers have behaved previously

In Amy Kaufman’s story about alcohol and Bachelor in ParadiseThe Los Angeles Times reported on tactics used by producers during season one of Bachelor in Paradise to encourage drinking. AshLee Frazier said:

“I don’t think they honestly, genuinely care about the contestants. Say somebody doesn’t want to drink. There will be handlers or producers shadowing contestants who say, ‘I’ll have a drink with you.’ We know they’re not supposed to be drinking on the job, but it kind of puts you at ease if the person working shouldn’t be drinking at all. It makes you feel a little bit safer.”

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