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Someone has already quit Big Brother 19

Someone has already quit Big Brother 19
Nicole Franzel, the winner of BB18, hosted the first BB19 HOH competition. (Photo by Johnny Vy/CBS)

A houseguest quit Big Brother 19 between the events of last night’s episode, and last night, when the live feeds became active. Quitting is extremely rare in Big Brother: there have been several people removed from the game for violent behavior, and others who’ve threatened to quit, but few who’ve left voluntarily.

The person who quit was not Josh, who melted down during the episode, but his target, Megan.

Before the live feeds went live, Reddit user vegasforsure posted that Megan was out—which means he or she had inside knowledge. Megan appears to have quit yesterday morning after entering the Diary Room.

The possible reasons: Alex said Megan told her that Jessica referred to Alex, who’s Asian, as “the panda,” though Jessica denied that. There has also been conversation on the live feeds that Megan was playing too hard, whatever that means.

Megan had been nominated for eviction by new Head of Household Cody, who nominated her by saying he didn’t like her.

But Cody’s behavior was nothing compared to Josh’s.

BB19 has a self-eviction and some paranoid lunacy

Josh’s behavior came across as unhinged: first, he was crying, in part for voting for Christmas, who he told that he didn’t trust Megan, because his stomach and/or God told him not to.

During the HOH competition—hosted by Nicole from BB18, because the producers just can’t resist, though thankfully she didn’t rejoin the game—Josh took a temptation. He received immunity, and the consequence was that his team was no longer eligible for HOH. It was an actual temptation, and a terrific one at that.

His rationale was that he had no choice because Megan was coming for him; he confronted after the challenge, and again in front of other houseguests, much to her bewilderment.

Josh’s confrontations were of standard Big Brother variety: he bullied her while claiming she was a bully; he insisted he was intelligent while speaking in unintelligent, ungrammatical sentences. The rest of the house wasn’t buying this, but it was clear Megan was affected by being a target for no reason.

Again, though, why she left exactly is unknown.

As to others who’ve quit Big Brother, I can only think of Dick Donato, who left BB13 after learning that his pre-show medical testing revealed he was HIV positive, and Neil, who left BB9 for “an urgent personal matter,” which was never explained.

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