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Will there be a Gigolos season 7? Are Nick Hawk and Brace Land leaving?

Will there be a Gigolos season 7? Are Nick Hawk and Brace Land leaving?
The stars of Gigolos season six: Ash, Brace, Nick, Vin, and Bradley. (Photo by Lyall Aston/Showtime)

On Dec. 22, Cowboys 4 Angels, the company that provides the escorts featured on Showtime’s Gigolos, tweeted, “We bet we know what you have on your wish list for Christmas—another season of Gigolos!”

So will there be a Gigolos season 7? Especially since at least one of the central characters—Nick Hawk—has publicly said he’s stepping away?

Season six aired last March, which was more than two years after the premiere of season five, which debuted in January 2014.

At TCA, Showtime’s programming president, Gary Levine, said, “We don’t have plans at the moment, but Gigolos is for us an evergreen.” Showtime president David Nevins explained: “You can run and rerun those episodes.”

Levine also said, “We love Gigolos,” and added, “we’re always talking to those producers, Jay and Tony, who we love. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more Gigolos.”

So in other words, there’s no urgency, because the show repeats well, but it’s likely it’ll return in the future.

Are Brace and Nick leaving Gigolos?

The questioner, Damian Holbrook of TV Guide Magazine, asked about whether Nick and Brace could return, and Levine’s answer included this: “…and I wouldn’t be surprised if the people you mentioned were weren’t a part of it. Or were a part of it.”

So there’s a non-answer. Of course, casting is dependent upon a lot of factors, and it’s an impossible question to answer right now, with the show’s future unclear at this moment.

Last summer, Nick Hawk wrote he was leaving the show:

“Being on a reality-TV show, unfortunately, isn’t super fulfilling, and they enjoy making me look like a clown, as most reality-TV shows do with their talent. But I made my bed, have zero regrets and really enjoy my life that I’m able to bring much substance and fulfilment to as a companion. Fortunately, the show does make people laugh, so whatever, I guess.

…The show just had its highest-rated season, but I think it’s time for me to move on. I’m grateful for the opportunities it presented and the doors it opened, but I no longer feel that I can grow being attached to it, and I don’t see the show growing much more.”

As to Brace’s future on the show, he was questioning his future in escorting during the season finale. And that’s led some to report that he’s leaving, too.

But this story by Robin Leach includes an interview with Brace’s girlfriend, who appeared on season six and suggests they would return for season seven. Jennifer Romas said:

“When asked to do the show, I was hesitant due to the content, and reality TV always adds its own twist on things.

Working on Season 6 was a blast. The entire team was amazing. The finale episode was by far my favorite. I got a chance to try my luck at comedy with some of the best in the business. Thanks to Shayma Tash for the help. What a lineup of roasters to burn my man Brace.”

Is there a future for us? I guess time will tell. Neither of our careers supports time for a real relationship. But you will have to stay tuned to Season 7.”

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