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204 suggestions for Big Brother’s fall season

204 suggestions for Big Brother’s fall season
Many of the suggestions for Big Brother involved putting older people in front of the show's cameras. (Photo by Tiago Muraro)

For its online-only, CBS All Access fall season, Big Brother has the opportunity to change the way the show works. CBS executives and the show’s executive producers have signaled that changes will definitely be made, such as showing competitions on the live feeds.

But what do die-hard Big Brother fans want? I solicited anonymous responses, and hundreds of people responded. (Thank you all!) I’ve compiled most of those hopes, dreams, annoyances, ideas, and wishes together.

Every word below comes from readers. I’ve broken some submissions apart into different categories, and lightly copy edited a few, but this is the direct, collective wisdom of Big Brother fans, and there are some pretty terrific ideas here.

A lot of these ideas overlap. Some of them contradict each other. I included all of those because I think the patterns are most interesting. (For example, by far the strongest desire was for the cast to diversify, especially in terms of age.)

Perhaps—hopefully!—we’ll see some of these on CBS All Access this fall, and maybe even next summer, when the televised version returns.

Casting the houseguests

  1. They should bring in a group of already established friends and see how alliances form and real friendships are broken over lies and deception!
  2. Cast normal people. Not caricatures like the last few seasons.
  3. Have an all-advanced cast. Give all applicants a BB skills test (measuring both social and comp ability) and let the highest-scoring ones play. Advertise that you are doing so. This will be almost as good as an all-star cast, and much appreciated by the game-savvy internet audience you are targeting. Publish the bios of the top 25 finalists and let the fans vote for whom to let in to the house.
  4. Up the ante in terms of casting. The casting “formula” has barely changed for BB, and because of this, the character “types” have become pretty bland and predictable. And a lot of the recent cast HGs are simply unlikeable. And since we’re on the subject of casting, I think BB has to stop casting fans of the show. They know the ins and outs of the show which at times is fun to watch but for the most part hinders the expect the unexpected aspect of the show. Cast based on strategic capability vs. fan love.
  5. Choose players based on who they are and not how hot they look. This season was terrible, almost no one was interesting or intriguing.
  6. Cast diverse women. Big, small, fit, unfit, young, old. Don’t be so limited and only cast fit athletic young girls. So annoying.
  7. Older, mature people, not kids saying “f” 5 times in every sentence. Please.
  8. I would love it if the houseguests were all older people, ages 38 to 53, perhaps, and preferably no semi-celebrities, or else all semi-celebrities, but one or the other, not a mix of the two. Preferably no returning players, or else all returning players—such as the first or second person out of previous seasons, or all the America’s favorites competing or all the first or second place winners.
  9. Bring back those who were evicted first in previous seasons.
  10. For the love of god, NO OLD PLAYERS. ALL NEW PLAYERS
  11. All-stars
  12. Better casting! If I wanted to watch 12 20-somethings in a house all day, I’d watch The Real World.
  13. Change the casting! Use different ages, ethnicities, personalities, and races.
  14. Please cast older houseguests, preferably 35+ years old. Tired of seeing bikinis and muscle men. Need older, more mature players.
  15. Have a more mature cast.
  16. More old people, which in BBLand means people over 30 years of age.
  17. Cast players 35 years or older
  18. Cast fewer people and ONLY fans of the game. No need for pretty faces with no brain.
  19. Have an age-diverse, body-diverse cast. Pick me, I rock it at 51!
  20. No stunt casting like Paulie, Tiffany or past BB players. 100% new people.
  21. Bring back returning players. The show is ten times more interesting when there are familiar faces. An all star cast would be the absolute best.
  22. Make it men vs women.
  23. Have an all-star cast or an all BB-fan cast
  24. Cast ordinary people of all ages & sizes (with personalities) to play for a charity.
  25. Get rid of current casting. It sucks only selecting a young cast with the token older person—not only does the conversation gets boring because of constant ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend and drinking stories from college. Nothing a lot of viewers have in common and therefore we lose interest. Older contestants also make interesting choices and aren’t afraid to speak out instead of being sheep.
  26. Don’t throw in any misfits that don’t have a chance in a cast of 20 to 30 age group and everyone plays one-on-one.
  27. Cast people who care more about the game than chasing “fame” which they will never get because they are one of thousands of people who have played Big Brother worldwide.
  28. Bring back Danielle Reyes.
  29. More diverse casting. Less gimmicks, more regular people.
  30. A bigger age range.
  31. Put more older people than the 20s that are there now.
  32. Bring back fan favorites!!
  33. Celebrities versus legends
  34. Have only 13 or 14 houseguests
  35. An all-nobody cast of all ages like Chicken George. No models or actors. This is reality TV, not make-me-famous TV. Will and Boogie’s season were all no ones. Maybe four returnees just to kick start the program while we get acquainted with the new cast
  36. It should be reg every day poeple NOT MODELS or poeple looking for a agent. We should be able to watch ALL comps and vote who goes home!!
  37. Houseguests that are between 30 and 60.
  38. Cast houseguests that are all over 45 years old.
  39. More diversity in age—most longtime fans are not in their 20s–when all the hg are that young it is boring as they have not lived enough life to be interesting.
  40. Bring in compelling players from previous and international seasons who are unlikely to be cast on a regular season, either niche old school fan favorites like Eric Stein, or compelling Canadian alums like Neda Kalantar and Mitch Moffit. They may not be a draw for regular CBS viewers, but they will definitely attract a core audience of Big Brother devotees and, most importantly, produce good, buzz-worthy television that will bring people to the new format.
  41. Little people
  42. Cast houseguests that are a variety of ages, not just mid-20s.
  43. Have older houseguests that can think independently and not just follow someone.
  44. Please have a better range of contestants—all ages and backgrounds
  45. Cast a variety of people, not just young Caucasians.
  46. More minorities on the show.
  47. Cast actual fans, not recruited people who have never watched a single episode of Big Brother.
  48. Online celebrities
  49. If they want to do something different, take advantage of the shorter “season” and get more people to subscribe to CBS All Access, this should be a celebrity edition. But no Scott Baio or Antonio Sabato Jr.
  50. Make Zingbot a regular houseguest who lives in the house and acts as a hilarious saboteur in competitions!
  51. Cast should consist of only physically challenged. Possibly wheelchair-bound.
  52. Since the new BB is only online, how about the houseguests be online friends who have never met in person—romantic interests or not? It could be an interesting twist.
  53. A show with no returnees. Contradicting the first idea, a game of second place winners. A game of winners.
  54. No douchebros.

Game play and themes

  1. Hybrid of international versions and US version. There is no HOH. Everyone nominates two people for eviction in the DR, with the two most voted for going on the block. Veto plays out normally, except only four people compete for it. Houseguests vote to evict at the end of the week. America breaks a tie during the live show.
  2. Play by UK/International rules! The UK version of the game seems perfect for a snarky, niche internet audience! Have housemates nominate two for eviction and have the public vote among the housemates with most nominations. Throw all sorts of twists, games, and secret missions throughout the week. Punish the housemates for all sorts of minor infractions of rules. And in an ideal world, include the angry opinionated mob outside of the house on eviction nights.
  3. Go back to the original Big Brother format. No scripts, and no contact with the outside world.
  4. I wanna see original BB again. Go back to the BB1 days when there was have not challenges
  5. Return to the international format with public evictions, or maybe try out a play on Secret Story.
  6. Make “Big Brother” more involved in the show. Actually have someone talk to the contestants within the house giving task and punishments. Not just the houseguest narrating the episodes.
  7. Theme of 1984. Big Brother is the dictator and rules over the houseguests with an iron fist.
  8. Perhaps for online only, adopt the international format. Let the people decide who stays and who goes based on who they enjoy watching on the feeds, without perhaps a HoH competition/nominations/veto still being in the mix.
  9. Something like Big Brother Canada
  10. Be more like the Canadian Big Brother.

Nominations, voting, and evictions

  1. If this digital-only season is truly meant to reimagine the show, let the digital viewers have the sole decision making in who goes home each week, whether in nominations, evictions or both. Those who watch the show via All Access are true devotees of the show and tend to watch as much as humanly possible in a day. Having the audience decide who is nominated and/or evicted would add a new layer of HG paranoia that will undoubtedly be fun to witness.
  2. Survivor style voting. Anybody but the one with immunity can go. Only don’t call it immunity. Or just do Survivor live or semi-live.
  3. It would be great if America had a vote on eviction night. I wish they would show it on Pop and not just the Internet.
  4. Each houseguest makes a nomination. Viewers vote who gets evicted.
  5. Vote each out every five days instead of a week. A week drags.
  6. Format this closely to the original format where everyone nominates, everyone plays in tasks and the public votes someone out.
  7. Go to the format used by most international versions: public vote to evict!
  8. The HoH should nominate 3 house guests for eviction and ONLY those 3 play for veto. The winner is off the block. This prevents boring backdoor moves or other things that have made Big Brother suck more and more each summer.
  9. 1) Have the potential for 3 people on the block each week. The viewers choose one, but the HOH nominates theirs first. If the viewers’ vote is not one of those two, then there’s a 3rd on the block; if the viewers’ vote matches one of the HOH’s, then there are only 2 on the block.
    2) Then, after the nomination, have another online poll giving the viewers one vote to evict, based who gets the most votes in the poll. All other rules stay the same (HOH breaks the tie, etc.)
    3) Put the first four evictees into sequester like BB18. After week 4, the viewers rank each of them 1-4, and after the votes are tallied they get that much of an advantage in the battle to come back in (like if everyone has 4 balls in the competition, then the top-ranked gets 3 more, then the next-highest gets 2, then 1, then 0).
  10. Instead of voting housemates out, evicted ones become halfmates with half a vote and have not status. The only way for halfmate to become full housemate is to win HOH.
  11. Allow viewers to evict HGs. Allow live feeders into DR sessions. Discontinue FOTH and give live feeders a true 24/7 feed.
  12. It should be a simple show with simple games to determine a HOH and two nominees each week with simple veto or no veto and that’s it. No twists.
  13. None of this voting with the house.
  14. Allow the public to vote for the houseguest on the block. I really enjoy the BBUK format of the Big Brother game. It is truly a mind game in that format. I am a huge Big Brother Fan; so much so I watch several versions from other countries.
  15. Let us vote people out.
  16. The viewers should vote like the first season
  17. America nominates.
  18. America decides who to evict.
  19. America decides who stays and who goes.
  20. Let America nominate for eviction.
  21. Each week at least one nominee for eviction (not all) should be chosen by viewers.
  22. Have viewers vote out the players.
  23. America makes one nomination.
  24. Let America do the evicting
  25. Let America vote to evict the houseguest
  26. I would like to see the viewers have one of the two nominations.
  27. Nomination and eviction votes should be made by viewers!
  28. Just don’t let the public vote, please.
  29. This is the chance for America to be HOH or to vote the houseguests out.
  30. More fan involvement with noms or challenges
  31. Let the paying customers vote on who they want evicted or at least have a BIG say.
  32. I think that Live Feed subscribers should be able to have the control for one week as to who gets nominated and who gets evicted.
  33. I would love it if the houseguests could not divulge to any of the other houseguests who they are voting out. Maybe let the POV winner name the replacement nominee.
  34. America does the voting for eviction; HOH or house vote makes the eviction nominees but America votes off
  35. HOH nominates two people for immunity. Everyone else up for eviction. Veto winner gets to replace someone on the immunity couch.
  36. Rather than the HOH nominating two houseguests for eviction, he or she should have the power to save two people for evection. Having the majority of the players eligible for eviction each week would change the game by making more people play the game rather than hide.
  37. Anonymous votes
  38. I’d like to see the rule of “you can’t warn a nom” to actually be enforced. I’d also like to see a rule added that you can’t warn the person they are going to be evicted.
  39. Don’t reveal the vote count, just announce who is evicted. It will get rid of the annoying “voting with the house” mentality that has been dominating recent seasons.

Twists and game play

  1. I’ve always wanted to see twin houses that don’t know about each other and merge at the halfway point. Double evictions every week!
  2. Big Brother is an amazing show. It’s my favorite show of all time. I realize that it develops new twists and changes each year, but there’s nothing wrong with good old fashioned Big Brother. The twists are fine but not necessary. Maybe a season of old twists that fans took a strong liking to, or just a classic season with no new twists at all. Maybe even do that in the fall season as a test to the idea. That’s just my opinion. I love this show and I always will! It is truly amazing! I hope it never ends! No show will ever be as great.
  3. Delete stupid twists like BOTB or Roadkill.
  4. No more twists; just let the game be played as usual.
  5. Have the BBAU nomination approval twist!!!!
  6. Big Brother should make a power where one player each week gets to choose a PoV player anonymously (like MvP) including themselves if they aren’t already in it. (If they are nominated, they can choose two people.)
  7. I think that America is now ready for a BBUK version. You won’t see the same Will Mega and Jordan getting voted out early.
  8. Redoing the teams twist could be interesting. But instead of 4 teams of 4, there could be 2 teams of 8. Each week the two teams can complete for immunity (kind of like survivor), and the losing team has to play a full week of big brother between themselves.
  9. Classic Big Brother: no twist, no teams. Back to basics!!!!
  10. I also would like to see some comp that allows HG’s to overthrow or “impeach” an HOH, if they so choose. With this being a controversial election year, I think it could get very interesting.
  11. Have a vote where the audience gives the HOH 3 words (without using names or extremely specific words, to guide them in their nominations. Special power used once this season.
  12. Make the have nots eat only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like they did in when the show first aired. I would like to see that comp where HGs have only so long to put on as many clothes that they can can’t remember the name of the comp. Bring back Pandora’s box as well as the diamond POV.
  13. Twists are nice but not too many in a season.
  14. I think they should keep more people in the house longer. Wait until the last week or so to evict the last 6 or so. The last few weeks are always so boring with so few people in the house. Maybe evict a person a day the last week leading up to the final. Also, take some cues from the UK and have everyone nominate two people instead of an HOH. If I’m not mistaken they did that the first season here. Any change at all would be a plus at this point.
  15. Could the houseguests win an opportunity to hear or see a snippet of a convo between other HG’s that would reveal whether another HG is lying or not about a specific topic? (Like Nicole making a F2 with Frank that she lied to Corey about.) Either HG’s pick the convo or feeders pick. Could create a LOT of drama…
  16. Instead of Have Nots, a chore list, assigned cleaning that changes. I didn’t like the team concept this year, but did like the care package. … Let them have a pet, please. The basil plant isn’t the same as a pet…a cat would be good, but include clean up of the litter box in the chore list.
  17. More house duties for HOH, such as as assigning household chores or submitting the weekly grocery list. Groceries would solely be up to HoH. This could create problems depending on food choices HOH likes compared to others.
  18. Have one week with the HOH defining the competitions and veto, within some defined ground rules.
  19. Allow the HOH to compete every week (even if they were HOH the week before), similar to how the winner of immunity on Survivor can compete every week.
  20. Do it BBUK style. Let the houseguests nominate, and let the public vote to save or evict. Talk about interactive!
  21. Take a few cues from Big Brother UK, i.e. shopping tasks, entire house nominates, public evictions.
  22. More America participation if possible.
  23. More viewer participation and control of what happens to houseguests
  24. More special vetos laying around. Loved it when production added or removed objects from the house.
  25. Bring back Pandora’s box to torment houseguests. Also give a houseguest the ability to choose between something they want and something for the rest of the house, so when they choose for their self the whole house hates them, like Ika from BBCAN2.
  26. Make players question whether they should win the veto or not. This will make the veto a more strategic aspect of the game. Winning the veto can still save the winner or another person BUT winning the veto comes with consequences. The winner of the veto no longer gets to cast a vote on eviction night regardless of whether they use the veto or not.
  27. When someone’s evicted they stay in the house.
  28. Keep the evictees IN the house after they are evicted and allow them to continue to interact with the houseguests even though they are ineligible to win
  29. Only give them a few changes of clothes and a brush and toothbrush.
  30. Let whomever wins the veto replace the nominee if they use it. Would make the veto game a lot more intense. Would see less people throwing competitions.
  31. I wasn’t a big fan of the Battle of the Block or bringing back vets and siblings, but I do wish for the diamond veto to make an appearance again as well as a fake double eviction. I was watching season five of BBUK where two people left but they came back and were in a secret room. Another idea I would love to see is maybe make America HOH for a week or two not back to back but as a surprise.
  32. I do love the different twists the past few seasons but I would love to see new ones that are crazier than ever. For example whoever gets nominated that week and survives gets to automatically be HOH the next week but of course the HG can’t know that.
  33. Instead of HOH, each houseguest nominates two people who could be up for eviction; similar to how the BBUK house plays. The two houseguests with the most votes are nominated. If there is a tie, then there will be multiple people who could be nominated for the week. The Power of Veto competition would still be in play, but all houseguests would be allowed to play. Whoever wins Power of Veto, they can take someone off the block, and whoever had the next highest amount of votes from the original vote joins the block (again, if there is a tie, then they would all go up). The Power of Veto holder would not be exempt from being nominated though. Then, at the end of the week, those who are not nominated can then vote for who they want out of the house. The first vote at the beginning of the week would be public. The end of the week vote for eviction would be in private.
  34. The audience gets to be HOH for a week- they nominate, but the house evicts…

Rules and rewards

  1. Zero tolerance for sexism (e.g., Paulie, Victor). Kick them out. Zero-tolerance for racism too. No unfair game advantages (Paulie is a blood brother to Cody and “like a brother” to Derrick).
  2. Less sexism and racism would help 😉
  3. Ban alliances and discussing voting.
  4. Reward players who are good TV
  5. Make the HOH room privileges for the HOH only ie: no sleeping with the HOH & NO bathroom for the other HG’s. Every time the HG’s sing they should be charged monetary fines because everyone hates when we are cut off from what is going on.
  6. Allow live voting for fun extras like they did on “The Glass House”—party themes, food, props, and other less game-altering treats.
  7. Have a couple of laid-back cats in the house for the house guests’ and viewers’ entertainment, as they are pretty easy to care for. Skip the slop, but give them punishments of cleaning the toilet or cleaning the litter boxes, etc.
  8. I believe that they should give them more to do in the down time other games (Cards Against Humanity would be great), more penalty stuff (like costumes or stuff they have to do when a sound goes off).
  9. More booze.
  10. Give them more booze, have the chance for more luxuries.
  11. Perhaps give the house guests a question or idea every day and/or week and have them defend their positions.
  12. Stop letting the HOH tell people who they are nominating (before nominations) and stop letting anyone use the HOH room when they aren’t HOH. Its HOH only. No sharing HOH basket foods/goodies/music/only HOH sleeps in their bed. Stop letting them know ahead of time (double eviction, any surprises) so they can truly be taken by surprise. Make them have more responsibilities. More drama—more entertainment!
  13. No more whispering will be allowed
  14. Make them suffer a little more like not have weights, a swimming pool, and the backyard so much, so the personalities become engaged more or get a little fire happening. However, absolutely no trash language, cursing nonstop—or Big Brother will not have people like me paying to watch. I want to be entertained, not disgusted. Thanks!
  15. I think they should be required to make something useful for the poor—clothing or some sort of housing—that they work on during the day instead of being in the house doing nothing. Those that do not work on the project would have something taken away or punished in some way (eating slop or clean up after everyone, or not being able to take part in any competitions, even HOH.)
  16. Each week, give each houseguest a goal to meet, based on events within the house they are involved in, and reward them if they reach that goal or punish them if they don’t. Goals that would foster benevolent behavior within the house! For example, if a houseguest gets into an altercation with another houseguest, the two need to correct the relationship in some way, or else, both be punished. Another thing that comes to mind, is if a person makes a racial slur, he/she must write an essay extolling the virtues of people within that race—or else be punished. If a person does something unusually nice, he or she could be rewarded with a luxury of some type, such as a very nice dinner for two or a movie.
  17. Number the houseguests, and at some random time, their number will be called to entertain the other houseguests, and the best entertainment of the season could be rewarded at the end of the competition, by viewer vote.


  1. Make the challenges less ridiculous, and scratch the stupid costumes during the competitions.
  2. Change up comps so they won’t know what’s coming next.
  3. Offer small awards for HOH competions so that no one wants to throw them anymore.
  4. Bring back food comps where they earn their food. do away with slop, it makes players cranky and sluggish.
  5. Eliminate have nots in its current state and instead bring back food competitions.
  6. Bring back luxury competitions.
  7. Penalties for throwing HoH comps..24 hours of seclusion.You can miss a lot of info in 24 hours.
  8. Food comps, roadkill
  9. Having the house have to fulfill a task for a luxury item or meal like in season one.
  10. I’d like to see more challenges or games that cause more social debates. There’s just too much strategy talk shown every episode usually contain fake alliances and lies, which isn’t out of the ordinary anymore.
  11. They should definitely allow all houseguests to compete in vetoes.
  12. I’d love to see Have Nots go away and a return to food comps. It would be a meaningful comp and a great way to reintroduce luxury items like the BBQ and margarita parties.
  13. Instead of Have-Not comps I would like to see more of FOOD comps like in the pass. They have to earn their food.
  14. Bring back the food comps.

The production

  1. This is pretty petty on my part, but, the production elements must change! Everything from the cheesy soft-core porn music to the ant-infested house layout to the highly annoying voice over. I know these will likely not be changed for the Fall, but CBS and co. really need to think different in terms of keeping the show fresh and interesting in all aspects from season to season. Yes, there are benefits in keeping certain elements from an equity standpoint, but after 18 seasons, the format has to change.
  2. There should be less time between when events really happen and when episodes air. It stinks when you watch Sunday and Wednesday episodes and already know everything that happens. Last night’s episode was a waste of time when we knew that the whole house had flipped against Paulie.
  3. Go back to the key ceremony. It was full of suspense. The looks on faces as they waited for their keys was the BEST. Please bring it back.
  4. Don’t encourage guests to yell in the Diary Room.
  5. No vote count announcement. Just…you’re evicted.
  6. Please no more “Who wants to see my HOH room!?” and less scripting during nominations or POV ceremony… “I have the power to save one of the nominees…” We Know! Music. Why can’t we hear songs we know featured on an episode of BB? BBUK does a great job of it. Speeches. There have been very few memorable speeches during live evictions and POV. Has any speech worked and presuaded the house? Who is Big Brother? Why can’t we hear his voice? What happens when he gets mad? It would be cool to see house guests address Big Brother as an actual person. For instance, hearing Big Brother interview house guests in the DR.
  7. Fine them $5.00 every time they use the word “fuck!” It would be very funny and their poor language limits young audiences. My granddaughter, 13, loves this show, but she says her parents won’t allow her to watch because of the language.
  8. This show has become to scripted for me, I need reality TV to be reality.
  9. Fire Allison Grodner and Robyn Kass; that’s the only way I’ll watch it.
  10. Remove Allison Grodner from production.
  11. Get rid of Allison Grodner from all of Big Brother shows. And have all seasons on 24/7. Like the first couple of shows season one and season two.

Viewing experience

  1. Never black out live feeds and never cut to the fish tank. Offer real 24/7 “BB: Uncensored” or “BB: Raw”
  2. Strictly live feeds, with comps shown live on specific schedule and DR sessions edited and posted to be viewed at users leisure on a sidebar for those watching strictly live. A single-hour episode is posted the next day for people who want to watch more conventionally.
  3. I hope we get to see things like nomination ceremony as it happens and pov ceremony. I’d really like it if we were able to watch the pov competitions live as well
  4. This is interesting. Because it’s online, they don’t have to work around CBS’s schedule. For example, they can now do 4 episodes a week! I would also like to see every episode be a half-hour longer. Maybe since it’s not on TV, they can let some things slip that aren’t FCC-friendly. They can’t make major changes, because for the next 2 summers, they have to go back to CBS, and those major changes wouldn’t be there. During the summer, they should have a live feeds episode online, once a week, for people who don’t have the live feeds.
  5. Allow ceremonies, nominations, DR sessions, and competitions play out live. Since it is online and viewers have to pay to watch, I think it would be greatly appreciated to be able to view these things that otherwise would only be viewed on TV. THANK YOU.
  6. Leave the feeds on, enough with the fish tank and Jeff interviews.
  7. Stay the same but since it’s just an online version only they should show us everything! Live comps, live nominations, all the things that the feeds are cut off of on a normal season. It would be fun to see those things happen live.
  8. The All Access feeds need to be fixed: black preview screens, feeds stopping suddenly with a message says “selected content hasn’t started yet”, etc. If not fixed a lot of current BB feed subscribers won’t be renewing.
  9. Show comps live. Instead of shows, just label highlights for viewers to refer to. This way viewers get to see the whole story instead of the ‘packages’ we get on the TV version.
  10. Make sure the feeds are good. A four different camera instead the current set up. Each camera should focus on a different scene to give the viewer more choices.
  11. Put it on CBS and not make us pay for it! Come on CBS, don’t you have enough money? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. Not charge people to watch.
  13. Not charge people who have been loyal fans for years
  14. Be able to replay episodes if missed
  15. Have the show and live feeds for Canadians
  16. Let Canadian viewers get live feeds I miss being able to buy live feeds
  17. The choice between every camera in the BB house (including one in the DR).
  18. Show it on Pop.

Other Big Brother suggestions

  1. Less sleeping.
  2. Not even do it. Leave BB alone. I won’t watch it online!
  3. Another season of The Glass House
  4. Not be a pile of steaming shit.
  5. Not suck
  6. Replace the contestants with actual hamsters.
  7. Andy Dehnart gets eaten by a velociraptor.

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