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The Runner’s captured runners have joined the chase as a new team

Bri Hill and Steve Young, the first two runners, who've joined the competition as a chase team, #RunnerAllStars.

The Runner is only 18 days into its first season, but it already has all-stars. This morning, the go90 show added a new team consisting of the two first runners, Briana “Bri” Hill and Steve Young, both of whom were caught. They join the five existing teams.

Steve was caught Saturday in Louisiana after 10 days of  successfully evading teams, including in New Orleans on Friday, where he’d shaved his beard and added glasses, allowing him to walk right past the other teams without them recognizing him.

The chase teams ran after the new runner yesterday without the new team, but joined the competition  during the first live episode today at noon ET, which featured the show’s usual awkward interviews and lackluster live start to the first challenge.

The Runner suggested the other teams aren’t happy with a new chase team being added. Bri and Steve have a significant advantage, of course, since they’ve been pursued before, and have critical information such as how the runner is filmed.

But they also don’t know each other, nor have they had experience trying to solve clues while finding their way to the runner.

We’ll see how they do during tonight’s update, which is typically the best episode, as it recaps the day’s action. I’ll have a full review of the show later this week. For now, though, this is an interesting twist for a show that’s admirably trying new things.