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The reality stars speaking at Donald Trump’s Republican convention

The reality stars speaking at Donald Trump’s Republican convention
Ivanka Trump speaking at a Donald Trump event in Manchester, NH, in February 2016. (Photo by Marc Nozell)

The Republican National Committee released its list of people who will speak at the GOP Convention in Cleveland this week, and among those 70 individuals are 10 people who’ve appeared on reality TV shows—including Donald Trump, who will likely be the party’s nominee for president.

One reality TV-associated person who will not appear is Tim Tebow, the new co-host of Fox’s Home Free. While Eric Trump said on TV that Tebow would appear Trump staff told journalists that he would appear, Tebow said he would not.

Why are one-seventh of the speakers perhaps best known for their reality television work? The RNC said the list included “political outsiders” and others who are “non-conventional speakers … emphasizing real world experience.”

Last month, Donald Trump said he’d have “winners” speaking, instead of “these people, these politicians who are going to get up and speak and speak and speak,” and earlier, he told the Washington Post, “It’s very important to put some showbiz into a convention, otherwise people are going to fall asleep.”

Reality TV speakers the GOP convention

These are the reality TV show cast members who will speak during prime-time at the convention. While the major broadcast networks will only air one hour every evening, from 10 to 11 p.m. ET, the other speeches and convention activity will be streamed live on, Twitter, YouTube, and elsewhere.

Monday: Make American Safe Again day

  1. Willie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty
  2. Scott Baio, of VH1’s Scott Baio Is 45…and Single and Confessions of a Teen Idol
  3. Antonio Sabàto Jr., who has appeared on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap and Dancing with the Stars; VH1’s My Antonio and But Can They Sing?; and NBC’s Celebrity Circus
  4. Republican Congressman Sean Duffy, from The Real World Boston, who also spoke at the 2012 convention

Tuesday: Make America Work Again

  1. Dana White, UFC president and executive producer/star of The Ultimate Fighter
  2. Donald Trump, Jr., one of Trump’s children and one of his two advisers on The Celebrity Apprentice
  3. Kimberlin Brown, an actor who now hosts The Design Network’s Dramatic Design

Wednesday: Make America First Again

  1. Eric Trump, an occasional fill-in adviser on The Celebrity Apprentice

Thursday: Make America One Again

  1. Ivanka Trump, one of Trump’s children and one of his two advisers on The Celebrity Apprentice
  2. Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee and former star of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice

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