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This reality show host’s epic 3-minute video is what we need right now

John Cena followed his brilliant comic role in Trainwreck by flawlessly hosting a reality TV competition. And now he’s taken on another challenge, starring in a new video that is a stunning to watch and has a critically important message that we all really need, especially this election year.


Although the ad was aimed at July 4, Independence Day in the United States, the “We Are America” ad is part of the Ad Council’s larger “Love Has No Labels” campaign. Yet it also feels bigger than that campaign.

The “to love America is to love all Americans” message seems particularly critical right now, as publicly vilifying groups of people seems to becoming more and more socially acceptable as people take their fear and direct it toward others.

Beyond John Cena’s dialogue, the video’s production is also incredible. It starts with two nearly minute-long single takes, with no cuts as Cena walks down a street, and as he delivers a line, the people and scenery around him immediately illustrate what he’s saying. I’ve re-watched it twice now and noticed new things each time.

On top of that, the soundtrack that plays underneath his dialogue might be very familiar with its reality TV connection.

I can be pretty naive and optimistic sometimes, but even I don’t think that one video by one WWE star turned reality show host can stop the wave of bigotry that both America and the world are currently experiencing.

Still: it’s a great start. Share it with everyone you know.

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