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Big Brother’s Redemption Island, Battle Back, won’t air until late July

Big Brother’s Redemption Island, Battle Back, won’t air until late July
Big Brother 18's Jozea Flores in the Diary Room. (Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS)

The most notable part of Big Brother 18’s first live eviction was the fact that an evicted houseguest will return to the game, as the show is introducing its own version of Survivor’s Redemption Island and Top Chef’s Last Chance Kitchen.

The Battle Back is a series of challenges in which evicted houseguests compete. The first two evictees compete, and the winner goes on to compete against the next evictee, and so on. Only the first five will enter the Battle Back competition, and the winner will re-enter the game.

All four challenges will air during a special Friday episode on July 22, CBS announced shortly after the episode aired.

In other words, the results won’t air weekly along with the competition, either on television or online. The press release makes that clear: the challenges “will air exclusively during a special episode.”

A ruined blindside, a dull episode

Speaking of deflated: The long-awaited blindside of Jozea, who was convinced everyone loved him and he was running the game, didn’t happen. Not because Jozea wasn’t voted out, but because Frank ruined the blindside.

“Honest, truthful, and bold” Jozea was evicted by a vote of 7 to 4, and went outside to tell Julie Chen that he felt the most betrayed by Natalie, who voted for Paulie, not Jozea (he’s convinced she flipped the house against him).

His exit was uneventful; he gave cold, super-brief hugs to everyone and left in silence. Then the rest of the houseguests stood around in silence. Then producers went to commercial instead of to Julie Chen’s interview with Jozea.

Jozea’s interview with Julie Chen offered some insight into his thinking. For starters, I don’t actually think he knows what “messiah” means, since he also used the words “leader” and “sanctuary” as synonyms for it.

He also explained that “targeting Nicole was something to my personal agenda because I got to only see her season season 16 and I seen how she was a nice person but she kinda played the game a little bit snake-ish.” Wow.

The only other notable part of the episode was a segment during which Victor judged and body-shamed women, and then an extended segment with examples of Paul saying sexist and misoginistic things, such as, “He’s clearly not a girl yet he’s involved in girl talk,” “Hey Bronte, I have a mother at home, so…”; and “I cannot do this; I cannot deal with women.”

The new HOH competition consisted of balance beams the team members have to successfully cross 40 times without falling off, and it just started at the end of the episode. So there was basically zero excitement with that challenge.

All together—no blindside, lots of dead air, the possibility Jozea might return, a challenge that barely started—it was yet another dull episode.

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