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The seven intriguing new shows Bravo is developing

The seven intriguing new shows Bravo is developing

One month ago, Bravo announced three new shows that sounded just like Housewives shows, plus three others shows—including Tabatha Coffey’s return to the network—and renewed 11 series that are all Housewives-style. It was more of the same, which is understandable, since it works for the network.

Today, though, Bravo announced seven shows that are in development, and not one sounds like another version of The Real Housewives. The shows include a show starring Million Dollar Listing: New York‘s Ryan Serhant teaching sales to people in various professions, and another with Andy Cohen helping celebrities to host a late-night talk show (presumably, his show) for one evening.

But this list is truly exciting, both because of the varied concepts—it’s a wide range of unscripted television, from game show to documentary-style reality—and the producers behind them.

These three look especially fascinating to me:

  • A Double Dare-style game show called I’d Kill for That from Embassy Row.
  • A social experiment that takes peoples’ possessions away for 21 days, Stripped, from Original Media. The person gets one can’t-live-without thing back every day.
  • Invitation Only, on which one person goes on a trip with a group of people—but the twist is those people are from different times in that person’s past, and none have ever met before. It’s from SallyAnn Salsano and her 495 Productions.

While these shows are just in development and may never make it to air, it’s a remarkable step outside of the Bravo brand for a network that has basically been about The Real Housewives-style series, Top Chef, and Andy Cohen’s late-night talk show.

The seven shows Bravo’s developing

Here are the seven shows, with descriptions and a list of producers that come from Bravo’s press release:

Look Who’s Hosting Live. 

Produced by Embassy Row and Most Talkative, with Deirdre Connolly, John Jude Schultz, Michael Davies and Andy Cohen serving as Executive Producers.

Andy Cohen turns the tables on celebrities who have envied his job and gives them the ultimate opportunity to host their own live late night talk show, for one night only. From writing monologues, to picking their sidekicks and guests, these hosts-for-a-night will get the chance to live out their fantasy and design their dream show.


Employee of the Month

Produced by World of Wonder with Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey and Tom Campbell serving as Executive Producers along with Ryan Serhant as Co-Executive Producer.

They say a great salesperson can sell anything to anyone. Nobody exemplifies this better than top realtor Ryan Serhant (“Million Dollar Listing New York”). In this fish-out-of-water experiment, Ryan will team up with under-performing sales representatives that deal in anything from cars to seafood to caskets. While Ryan learns the tricks of that particular trade, he will also give the low-selling employee a head-to-toe business overhaul and turn them into sales machines.


Real Estate Wars 

Produced by World of Wonder with Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey, Tom Campbell and Elise Duran serving as Executive Producers.

Two rival real estate agencies in Orange County, California will go head to head in the ultimate competition for pride and prize to see who can sell the most property in six months.  Each agency will build an all-star team as they battle for listings and fight for sales of some of the country’s most enviable estates. With egos on the line, this showdown is less about winning and more about proving who runs this city.



Produced by Original Media with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh and Todd Hurvitz serving as Executive Producers.

Based on the hit Scandinavian format, this social experiment tests materialistic individuals who agree to be stripped of everything they own including clothing, furniture and all their coveted possessions for 21 days to find out how their life will be affected. Each day, they will be permitted to take back one item that they can’t live without. This is a survival challenge that doesn’t take place on a desert island, wilderness or outback, but in the confines of one’s own home.


I’d Kill for That

Produced by Embassy Row with Michael Davies, along with Realizer Productions’ Matt Berkowitz and Shauna Monoprio, serving as Executive Producers.

“Double Dare” meets Dolce & Gabbana and “Wipeout” meets Wang in this physical game show that tests how far you would go to win a Birkin bag, Louboutins worn by a coveted Bravolebrity or the latest ‘it’ watch. Each week, friends, co-workers and family members will compete against each other in a series of trivia, brain teasers and hilarious physical obstacles in hopes of winning an enviable object of their desire.


State of Affairs

Produced by Fascination Street with Drew Brown and Steve Berkowitz serving as Executive Producers.

Outspoken and no-nonsense infidelity expert Dr. Lisa Paz believes there is no such thing as monogamy and the cheater isn’t always the villain.  In this project, she will counsel couples rocked by affairs with her unorthodox beliefs and radical methods to help them decide if they can get past the betrayal and stay together or if they should call it quits.


Invitation Only

Produced by 495 Productions with SallyAnn Salsano serving as Executive Producer.

Managing different personalities can be overwhelming, especially when friends clash.  In this arcing docu-series, one person will invite a handful of their closest friends from different phases in their life to meet for the very first time and embark on an incredible getaway.  With everyone under one roof, will one vacationer’s emotional baggage ruin the group dynamic or will the high school bestie make a love connection with the office confidant?

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