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Four actually surprising facts about American Idol

While American Idol used to be capable of unscripted surprise, the show itself offers very little of that any more. (For sure, the final season will attempt some, and perhaps succeed.) If anything, though, that’s the story of the what the show has become: it has failed to refresh itself and instead withered into stagnation, even despite the changes in its judging panel.

But here are four things I learned this week about the show that genuinely surprised me.

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How and why Reality Steve spoils The Bachelor

A decade after Steve Carbone began writing recaps of The Bachelor, and five years since he began spoiling it, the show has now become his life. The six-figure income he makes from the site means he doesn’t have another job. He mostly dates women he’s met through his site and understand the amount of time and energy he devotes to a show he doesn’t really like.

Yes, Steve Carbone told me that he would rather watch other television shows, reality or scripted, and would skip The Bachelor entirely if it was not his job. But his name and site has become virtually synonymous with the ABC reality series and its spin-off, The Bachelorette.

Steve Carbone’s journey to becoming Reality Steve, king of Bacehlor spoilers, began unexpectedly: when someone contacted him six years ago with information about the The Bachelor 13’s outcome.

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Hoarders quietly moves back to A&E

Hoarders returned with a new season Sunday, and it was back on its original network, A&E. For season eight, the reality show also discarded some unnecessary junk: its short-lived subtitle, “Family Secrets,” which the show had during its 10-episode run on Lifetime last year.

Here’s a brief rundown of the show’s history.

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