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Where do Survivors poop? Is there toilet paper? Is Survivor water drinkable?

Where do Survivors poop? Is there toilet paper? Is Survivor water drinkable?
Survivor's toilet facilities are often the ocean, though the Survivors' ocean doesn't have an actual toilet in it. (Photo by Shutterstock)

In this edition of Ask Andy, I answer several questions about Survivor, including about where Survivor contestants go to the bathroom, and related questions such as if they have facilities and/or latrines, access to toilet paper, or fresh water. First, though, a question about returning players who say no to returning to the show.

I was wondering if you have heard of/ know if any past contestants have ever turned down the opportunity to return for another season of Survivor and why? Or perhaps, anyone on Big Brother or The Amazing Race?

I ask because of the apparent inclusion of Greg from S1 of Survivor. I always thought he would be an obvious choice to bring back and had wondered if maybe he just didn’t want to. —Kwanisha

Jeff Probst snuffs Aubry Bracco's torch
Jeff Probst snuffs the torch of the first person voted out of the Survivor: Edge of Extinction double episode. (Photo by Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Your question provides the answer, for Greg and others: Yes, former reality contestants are asked to come back and say no all the time, for various reasons.

For Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, Jeff Probst named those who said no. He told EW the production approached Greg Buis and Greg wanted to do it, but he’d just been given this really great opportunity as the CEO of a nonprofit and he said, ‘I just can’t. I can’t take the job and leave.'”

Others who said no: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Jeff Kent, and RC Saint-Amour.

Going through casting, production, and everything else is a significant commitment that requires leaving families and jobs for a period of time.

Never mind opening oneself up to the glare of cameras, viewer criticism, and other stresses. Some cast members don’t want to repeat all of that, while others want the experience (or the attention) again and again.

Where do they go to the bathroom on Survivor? Toilet facilities, toilet paper, and boiled water

Members of the Ua tribe—Ricard Foye, Sara Wilson, Brad Reese, Shantel Smith, and Jairus Robinson—on Survivor 41's first episode
Members of the Ua tribe—Ricard Foye, Sara Wilson, Brad Reese, Shantel Smith, and Jairus Robinson—on Survivor 41’s first episode. (Photo by Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment )

I’m curious about hygiene and sanitation issues on Survivor. In early seasons it seems that the cast was not even given toilet paper. I remember Survivor Africa that we saw a cast member taking a shovel going out somewhere to dig a hole.

Obviously over the years things have changed as Survivor has become more environmentally aware. What is being provided for bathrooms, etc?

Are they still boiling water, or is clean water now being provided? —Robert 

All great questions, Robert! Let’s break these down separately. First:

Where Survivor contestants poop

Not all that much has changed, actually, regarding the cast’s toilet facilities—or lack thereof.

In inland, non-ocean seasons, contestants have typically gone to a designated area, dug a hole, and used that.

In island, oceanside seasons—such as the show’s now-permanent home of Fiji—the trend has been to swim out in the ocean and just let it go.

This is called the aquadump, and it’s been featured on the show at least once, during Survivor Kaoh Rong. A player during that season, Darnell, revealed that the cast had a “designated area” along the beach to go out in the ocean for pooping purposes.

Keep in mind that eating rice, beans, and the occasional reward means that there isn’t necessarily a lot of regularity—unless you’re poor Stephen #SevereGastrointestinalDistress Fishbach (and, apparently, Joe) who need to go again and again and again.

As to the need for toilet paper, while contestants are provided with feminine products and other medical supplies, they do not receive toilet paper or anything that could be used for wiping.

They presumably improvise—and presumably, that’s what makes the ocean and aquadumping more desirable, since there’s no need for toilet paper there.

Do Survivor contestants get fresh water?

Survivor, Ben Driebergen, Ashley Nolan, Devon Pinto, Lauren Rimmer
Ben Driebergen listens to Ashley Nolan, Devon Pinto and Lauren Rimmer at the well, which is installed by production and contains fresh water. (Image by CBS)

As to water: Yes, they boil water, and yes, clean water is provided.

Update, Oct. 18, 2023: I’ve moved and expanded on this answer here: Do Survivor contestants get water?

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