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Real World 31 cast must do Road Rules-style challenges to stay

Most of The Real World season 31 cast have been identified, as has this season’s twist, “go big or go home,” which apparently involves challenges that the cast must complete to stay on the show. In other words, it sounds like the show is borrowing from its spin-off, Road Rules.

Filming in Las Vegas actually began Friday, despite MTV’s announcement saying it started Monday, and the cast was immediately presented with a choice: jump out of a hot air balloon or leave. That’s according to Vevmo Real World’s forums, which has a summary of everything they know about the season. That includes:

  • Five members of the seven-person cast have been identified by Vevmo users, via social media and photos of them actually in Las Vegas: Christopher Ammon, Sabrina Kennedy, Dione Mariani, Kailah Casillas, and CeeJai Jenkins.
  • The “go big or go home” twist was identified and named by a user who goes by PinkRose, who wrote, “You have to earn your spot every week if not someone else will replace [you], it’s go big or go home.”
  • The cast also went to a haunted house Tuesday night.
  • The men were spotted in drag at a nightclub.
  • TotesVegas has been posting photos of the cast being filmed.

If this holds as the season’s only twist, and the producers don’t end up ambushing the cast or replacing departed cast members with people who will create conflict, I actually find it to be a decent twist. It’s one that could infuse some life into the franchise—though of course it’s very far away from the original point of the show. Then again, in its later seasons, Road Rules devolved into a Real World-style mess, so it’s not a huge stretch to bring elements of that show back into the show that spawned it.

But of course, as someone who is nostalgic for early reality television, I’d rather see MTV and Bunim-Murray just bring back original Road Rules.

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