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MTV confirms Real World isn’t dead yet by reminding us of the season that killed it

The Real World has officially been renewed and has not been cancelled after all, despite MTV’s complete lack of enthusiasm for the show, and will return for season 31.

As was previously reported, the show is being filmed at the Gold Spike Hotel in downtown Las Vegas, using its penthouse as the house. No word yet if or how producers will ambush their cast this time.

The network confirmed the location this morning, and said production also began today. The actual press release sent to media said, in part:

“Real World pioneered reality-based television debuting its first season in New York City. Each season, the show brings seven young strangers to live together in a new town and rolls the cameras 24-7, witnessing as their lives intersect, their ideas are challenged, and their passions emerge.”

Yes! And: If only!’s announcement was a lot more honest about what happens on the show now, because it included nine videos of “all of the hottest hookups that unfolded between the roomies.” I suppose that’s what millennials care about, hot hookups—though shouldn’t that be “hot Netflix and chills”?

Anyway, those of us who are old and cranky about our life-altering, once-thrilling reality series devolving into a hot tub orgy of drunk people with personality disorders usually trace our discontent back to one season: The Real World Las Vegas. This is where it went to shit, and celebrating that seems to just rub that in our faces. It starts with three videos each featuring Trishelle, and moves on to homophobic gay porn star Dustin making out with a woman and other videos I can’t actually believe people would watch.

Though, to be honest, with the show resorting to bringing even more people into the house for the sole purpose of creating conflict, these videos almost make me long for the days of Trishelle and straight gay porn stars. Damn you, MTV, for allowing this series to become so bad what once was bad now seems good.

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