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Tyra says Top Model may end soon, maybe. Or not.

Tyra says Top Model may end soon, maybe. Or not.
Tyra Banks talked about her new show FABLife at the Television Critics Press Association's summer press tour. (Photo by Image Group LA/Disney)

On the eve of the debut of America’s Next Top Model cycle 22, Tyra Banks has shattering news for those who still watch The CW competition: the end times are near.

Yes, the parade of hotness and hot messes known as Top Model may be ending soon, at least according to a completely noncommittal thing Tyra Banks said at TCA today. She told Fox 411:

“We may be coming to an end soon. There is only so long that a show can last and it is kind of nice to walk away from something before it walks away from you. That is what I did with modeling. I was like, ‘I don’t know how many years I have left, so let me go out real big.’”

Does that mean there may be a big, blowout season 23–all-stars? Or will the show just go away after cycle 22 airs? Or is Tyra hedging so much this is completely meaningless?

One thing is clear: Ratings keep dropping. Compared to season one, about one-quarter of the show’s viewers were watching cycle 21 last fall. (Earlier this year, The CW’s president gave lukewarm support by basically saying that the show does well enough.) Also, interestingly, an academic study found that ““the most avid, attentive, and active fans” may have helped “in destabilizing a popular brand” by reacting negatively to changes, such as new judges and gimmicky challenges.

Also, Tyra has a new show, the syndicated daytime TV show Fab Life, which she also executive produces. That will be on the air in September, and if it does well, maybe she’ll drop Top Model. Or if it’s quickly cancelled, perhaps we’ll get 22 more cycles.

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