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There were three medical evacuations on Survivor 32

Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett (Photo by Helga Esteb / Shutterstock)

Three people were medically evacuated from Survivor 32, the season of the CBS show that filmed this spring and will air next spring. (Season 31, Survivor Second Chance, is currently filming.)

That’s according to executive producer Mark Burnett, who said that during The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy roundtable. In a question about contestants are ever pushed too far, Burnett says:

“On Survivor — a lot. Last season, we had three evacuations, the most ever in a season. It was the humidity, cuts, people getting infected and then trying so hard on the challenges. But we tend to show most things. As a producer you get worried, but [host] Jeff Probst runs the show, and I know if my phone’s ringing at 3 or 4 a.m., it’s Jeff and it’s not a good phone call.”

Season 32 filmed in Cambodia, and includes Big Brother cast member Caleb. The season will use the brains, beauty, brawn format. Of the three people, reports say that just one was in-game and the other two occurred after contestants were eliminated, though it’s not clear how soon after their exit from the game they needed medical attention.

Burnett also talks about Survivor Arabia, which was about to be filmed in Jordan but was dropped after Sept. 11:

“Then I got on the phone with Leslie Moonves, and I said: ‘We’ve got a big problem here. I have to get my crew out. There won’t be a Survivor.’ And Leslie said, ‘Actually, there will be a Survivor because you’re going to get a skeleton crew on a plane and find a new location. America is expecting Survivor to be on the air. The country moves forward in these situations, and I know you’ll solve the problem. I have confidence in you.’ That’s Leslie. Completely solution-oriented.”

Also during the roundtable, Julie Chen continued to blame Aaryn for the racism and bigotry on season 15 of Big Brother, and continues to pretend that “We can’t manage the houseguests because we can’t infect the game.” LOL. But she does say this about phone calls her husband, CBS CEO Les Moonves, received:

“When we had the racism in the Big Brother house, they were like, ‘Oh, CBS planned it this way to create the controversy.’ Really? If you saw how many 3 a.m. phone calls were happening at my house, disrupting people’s vacations and weekends … trust me, it wasn’t planned. It drives me crazy when criticism is so far off-base.”

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