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Survivor Second Chance: everything you need to know

Survivor Second Chance: everything you need to know
The Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance cast is the second-oldest cast in the show's 31-season history. (Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS)

CBS tonight revealed Survivor Second Chance and its pool of potential cast members. The season will will air as the 31st season this fall, and viewers will choose the entire cast.

Here’s everything we know right now about the season:

Voting is open now and ends at 9 ET on May 20, the finale of Survivor Worlds Apart.

Viewers will select the entire cast except for this amazing disclaimer in the rules: “A combination of votes from CBS and the public will decide who from amongst the nominees presented will become the Fall 2015 Survivor cast.” In other words, CBS can do what it likes to form the final cast. Update: CBS changed the rules to say that the cast will be 100 percent selected by fans.

The results will be revealed on the finale.

There are 16 men and 16 women, and the final cast will include 20 people, 10 from each group.

There are two people in the pool who are still on Survivor Worlds Apart, but Probst said in an EW Q&A “that means either Mike and Carolyn both lost, or one of them could be, ultimately, ineligible.”

Every person can cast 20 votes a day, 10 for men and 10 for women–and you must vote for all 20. A account is required.

This season will air in the fall, as S31. This will be the first season in Survivor history to air out of order. A season already filmed in Cambodia, but that will air in the spring.

Survivor Second Chance will film in Cambodia starting shortly after the finale.

In a press release, Probst said, “The idea of a ‘second chance’ season started brewing during our first season, the moment Kelly Wigelsworth lost to Richard Hatch, in the summer of 2000. Since their respective seasons ended, these players have been begging for another shot, and this is a fun way to allow our loyal fans to be involved in the creative process.” On the teaser that aired at the end of the episode, Probst said the potential cast included “heroes, villains, underdogs.”

Casting approached potential cast members earlier this year, and had some contestants in Los Angeles for finals casting as late as March.

Here are the potential cast members:

    1. Kelly Wiglesworth, Survivor Borneo
    2. Jeff Varner, Survivor: The Australian Outback
    3. Kimmi Kappenberg, Survivor: The Australian Outback
    4. Andrew Savage, Survivor: Pearl Islands
    5. Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper, Survivor: Africa
    6. Shane Powers, Survivor Panama
    7. Peih-Gee Law, Survivor: China
    8. Terry Deitz, Survivor: Panama
    9. Monica Padilla, Survivor: Samoa
    10. Stephen Fishbach, Survivor: Tocantins
    11. Natalie Tenerelli, Survivor: Redemption Island
    12. Jim Rice, Survivor: South Pacific
    13. Stephanie Valencia, Survivor Redemption Island
    14. Troyzan Robertson, Survivor: One World
    15. Mikayla Wingle, Survivor: South Pacific
    16. Vytas Baskauskas, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
    17. Sabrina Thompson, Survivor: One World
    18. Brad Culpepper, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
    19. Abi-Maria Gomes, Survivor: Philippines
    20. Woo Hwang, Survivor: Cagayan
    21. Ciera Eastin, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
    22. Spencer Bledsoe, Survivor: Cagayan
    23. Tasha Fox, Survivor: Cagayan
    24. Jeremy Collins, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
    25. Kass McQuillen, Survivor: Cagayan
    26. Keith Nale, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
    27. Kelley Wentworth, Survivor: San Juan Del Sur
    28. Joe Anglim, Survivor: Worlds Apart
    29. Shirin Oskooi, Survivor: Worlds Apart
    30. Max Dawson, Survivor: Worlds Apart
    31. Carolyn Rivera, Survivor: Worlds Apart
    32. Mike Holloway, Survivor: Worlds Apart

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