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The worst merged tribe name in Survivor history

The worst merged tribe name in Survivor history

Merica. That is the name of Survivor Worlds Apart‘s merged tribe, which we will see in Survivor‘s iconic font on the screen for the next seven episodes. The merged tribe’s color is purple. It is such a terrible name it makes Nobag seem creative and inspired. And it is so far from the best merged tribe name ever, Dangrayne, that it feels like it belongs in another universe.

The tribe’s name was Mike’s idea, and it was not used ironically, which is pretty much how that word is used–or should be used, because please.

“I literally am down with Merica. No, not America, just ‘Merica.’ M-E-R-I-C-A. ‘Cuz it’s red white and blue,” Mike said at what seemed like the start of the discussion. He told us:

“Our tribe Merica is kind of fitting because you have the white collar, you have the no collar, and obviously the best, the blue collars. We’re all part of the melting pot that makes America so great. So that’s our tribe name. Merica.”

We also got a lesson in constitution law from law student Hali, who explained like this:

“I love our tribe name so much! Because I’m going to be a criminal defense attorney, and as a criminal defense attorney, you are part of the Constitution. And I just think that, like, the Constitution is the greatest blueprint for government that was ever devised. And I really believe in it. It’s like a religion of America.”

Thankfully, there was some sanity. Shirin, please allow us to rest easy knowing that the heat and lack of food hasn’t temporarily destroyed everyone’s brains:

“Oh my goodness. We have the worst tribe name in Survivor history. We didn’t go for America; we dropped the A and went for Merica like a bunch of redneck idiots who don’t know what our own country’s name is. I’m horrified; I’m embarrassed.”

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