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The Survivors who may return if they get enough votes

The Survivors who may return if they get enough votes
Several of the 32 one-time Survivor players who are eligible to return for Survivor Second Chance. (Photo composite from portraits by Bill Inoshita/CBS)

We now know most of the group of one-time,  non-winner Survivor cast members who will be voted on to the new season by viewers. The list of potential Survivor 31 cast returnees reaches all the way back to season one, including both Greg Buis and Kelly Wiglesworth, who famously lost to Richard Hatch.

They are all recording videos that ask viewers to vote for them, which will likely be revealed soon. As of right now, it seems like the pool will include 20 men and 20 women, who will be narrowed in half by viewer votes.

The possible Survivor 32 cast returnees

Here’s an image of those currently understood to be in the mix, created by Survivor spoiler Redmond, who revealed most of these names on Twitter over the past few days.

There are several early-season cast members, including Survivor Borneo‘s Greg Buis and Kelly Wiglesworth, plus Survivor The Australian Outback‘s Jeff Varner.

The list is heavy on Survivor Blood vs. Water cast members, including Ciera Eastin, Brad Culpper, Vytas Baskauskas, John Cody, and Big Brother’s Hayden Moss.

It also reaches deeper into the pool, with people such as RHAP podcaster and Survivor Tocantins cast member Stephen FishbachSurvivor Cagayan‘s Tasha Fox and Spencer Bledsoe; and Survivor China‘s Peih-Gee Law.

How will voting for Survivor returnees actually work?

Last week, I’ve learned, there was additional casting in Los Angeles, including for several people from the current season, Survivor Worlds Apart. I’m hearing that one person who was voted off before the merge and three people who are still playing were considered.

CBS obviously won’t yet reveal the pool until those who are still playing have been voted out, if voting is going to occur before this season’s finale and reunion. I expect filming for the next season to begin immediately after this season’s finale/reunion.

There are still a lot of questions about how all of this will work: the voting logistics, the exact size of the voting pool and cast, and even when this season will air. Season 31 is currently filming in Cambodia but considering that voting makes the cast known to the public, it’s possible it’ll film second but air first. Or CBS could hold it and air them in the usual order.

Survivor 31 cast returnees: the full list

Here’s the full list of potential Survivor returnees, listed by season (and season number). (Update: here’s the final list of possible season 31 returnees.)

  • Survivor Borneo (1): Greg Buis and Kelly Wiglesworth
  • Survivor The Australian Outback (2): Jeff Varner and Kimmi Kappenberg
  • Survivor Africa (3): Teresa Cooper
  • Survivor Pearl Islands (7): Andrew Savage
  • Survivor Panama (12): Shane Powers and Terry Deitz
  • Survivor China (15): Peih-Gee Law
  • Survivor Tocantins (18): Stephen Fishbach
  • Survivor Samoa (19): Monica Padilla
  • Survivor Redemption Island (22): Natalie Tenerelli and Stephanie Valencia
  • Survivor South Pacific (23): Jim Rice and Mikayla Wingle
  • Survivor One World (24): Troyzan Robertson, Sabrina Thompson, and Chelsea Meissner
  • Survivor Philippines (25): Abi-Maria Gomes and Angie Layton
  • Survivor Blood vs. Water (27): Ciera Eastin, Hayden Moss, Brad Culpepper, John Cody, and Vytas Baskauskas
  • Survivor Cagayan (28): Spencer Bledsoe, Kass McQuillen, Woo Hwang, Tasha Fox, J’Tia Taylor, and Cliff Robinson
  • Survivor San Juan Del Sur (29): Kelley Wentworth, Keith Nale, and Jeremy Collins
  • Survivor Worlds Apart (30): not yet identified

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