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Big Brother Canada veto twist changed while viewers voted

Big Brother CanadaBig Brother Canada changed the definition of a veto power twist while voting was underway.

Hamsterwatch has screenshot and details about what happened, which started on Wednesday’s broadcast when host Arisa Cox announced two options for the next Power of Veto twist. (It’s sponsored by Twistos, a Canadian cracker.)

A Wednesday evening tweet from the show explained the options like this:

“Canada, you decide next week’s POV. You can force the use of the veto, or veto both noms.”

The second option appears to require both nominations to be vetoed, which matched what was said on air. Hamsterwatch points out that Arisa said described it the same way on Thursday’s Side Show: “both people nominated would have to be replaced by the HOH.”

But the actual voting page confusingly described the “veto both noms” option like this: “Houseguests will have double the chance for veto power.”

Later, that text was actually changed–while votes were being cast by viewers–to something that very different from what was described on air: “POV holder has option to use veto on both nominees.” That’s the way it remains this morning, as an option, not a requirement that the veto be used.

A blog post that tries to “clear up some confusion” frames the two options like this:

1) Forced Veto

If you vote for this option then the Veto holder MUST Veto one of the two nominations. This would then force the current Head of Household to nominae a second person in their spot.

2) Double Veto

If you vote on this option this would give the Veto holder the power to Veto one nomination, both nominations or to not use the Veto at all.

It seems clear at this point that the forced veto of both nominations is not happening; it’s not clear why it appeared to initially be an option but was later changed. In addition, again, the text on the voting page was changed while people were voting.

I’ve reached out to Global TV to ask for clarification about what happened and will update when I hear back.

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