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reality blurred acquired by Comcast

reality blurred acquired by Comcast

This fictional, satirical story is part of reality blurred’s 14-year tradition of April Fool’s Day stories. Happy April Fool’s Day.

reality blurred is joining the trend of consolidation among reality TV production companies and cable companies by joining the Comcast family. The site will continue to be published independently, with only the addition of editorial oversight to ensure strategic alignment with corporate values, brand positioning, promotional campaigns, and Bravolebrity desires.

“I’m extremely pleased and totally thrilled to be joining the Comcast family,” said Andy Dehnart, editor and founder. “I considered many offers, but this deal just made sense. The state of online media today is such that my primary focus recently has been getting people to share my writing on social media, preferably using the buttons hovering over there to the left. As a writer, Facebook shares are a dream come true, and I look forward to leveraging the company’s Facebook presence to increase sharing and self worth.”

Comcast’s legendary customer service will also now handle and fix any problems with the site. For example, if Disqus won’t load–which reports say is always–you can call a toll-free number and be placed on hold.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but reportedly involved several dollars and an annual pass to Universal Studios’ theme parks, with unlimited Butterbeer.

The site, which will be rebranded as reality blurred NBCUniversal Comcast Xfinity MSNBCNBCNews, will continue to operate with its staff of one person and two cats. Each cat will be responsible for a different unit of the company, at least until one of them decides to pursue other opportunities and the other takes over both units and gets a new title but no additional responsibilities.

The frequency of new stories, approximately once whenever procrastination doesn’t win, is not expected to change. Typos and the surveys will both remain.

Asked if this was just a terribly unoriginal April Fool’s Day post because he’d run out ideas and/or because reality television has become so absurd that even over-the-top satirical posts can’t compete, Dehnart declined to comment.

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