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Top Chef 13 location: California

Top Chef 13 location: California

California appears to be the host for the Top Chef 13 location, and producers will be scouting location in San Diego next week, though a deal is not yet finalized for the Bravo show’s 13th season.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Thursday, Visit California’s CEO, Caroline Beteta, said at the Tourism Authority’s meeting that it is “finalizing a 12-part destination takeover on Bravo.”

Visit California spokesperson told the paper “Nothing is final, but we’ve been talking to producers since 2010 about bringing a full season to California but we’re not quite there yet. We’re very hopeful we will have something exciting to report in the next few days.”

In addition, the paper reported that “representatives from the San Diego Tourism Authority confirmed Thursday that they plan to consult with Bravo’s production manager in advance of a trip next week to check out San Diego’s culinary scene.”

The Top Chef 13 location seems pretty clear

In other words, yes, the show is going to California. Though San Diego is being specifically scouted, Visit California says the season will focus on multiple cities across the whole state, perhaps similar to Top Chef Texas, with the production moving between multiple locations.

That season, by the way, cost Texas $600,000; no word yet about what the cost will be to California.

Eater reported on “speculation that the upcoming season would be set in Nashville” or Atlanta, but this much confirmation from California tourism representatives seems to make clear that the state will be Top Chef’s next location.

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