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Top Chef: shocking elimination! sudden death! judges shopping!

Top Chef: shocking elimination! sudden death! judges shopping!

I keep forgetting to watch Top Chef Boston, but when I do, am really enjoying this season. Wednesday’s episode included a sudden-death elimination, an annoying twist, and a fun challenge that had the chefs cook for fans using only ingredients the judges shopped for at Whole Foods. Highlights from the insanity.

The best exit interview in the history of Top Chef
Adam’s exit was surprising, because he at least seemed to be at the top of the pack, but his risk-taking failed him. Tom gave him credit for that but they still eliminated him anyway. Crying, Adam gave the best departure line in the show’s history, and one that pretty much should be used in all future casting and marketing for the show: “If you don’t love cooking enough to be an emotional mess on national television, put the knife down.”

Sudden death and sudden resurrection
A chowda’ sudden-death quickfire meant Katie was at risk of going home, but instead of choosing her opponent from among her fellow chefs, the eliminated chefs returned and chose one of their own to face off against her. They chose George, the chef who was eliminated in challenge number one after a lot of jerkish behavior. He said that was “one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had in my life”; his eliminations was one of the best Top Chef feelings I’ve ever had in my life. Alas, Katie lost; George returned to the competition.

Back to life
Tom said Last Chance Kitchen will return, of course, which means Katie will get a chance to return, too. And Adam!

More firsts!
Padma declared that they were “doing something we’ve never done before” in 11 seasons: inviting fans into the kitchen to eat and take selfies in front of the show’s logo. Also: the judges went shopping.

Super fans, indeed
The fans showed off their knowledge of the show by saying their favorite chef is Fabio and their favorite season was the one where that thing happened in the finale in that place.

How many extra minutes were necessary to fit all these firsts into one episode
15, though it did not actually feel like an extended episode, so they were earned.

Padma wins at Whole Foods
Our host already won the shopping trip with her great line, “I can barely park my car at Whole Foods in half an hour,” but then she really earned points for screwing with Richard Blais, stealing his grocery cart and then whipping around a corner so fast his fish fell onto the ground.

The three words Adam used to perfectly describe Richard Blais’ shopping
“Playful molecular shit.” Blais detractors might say Adam only needed one of those words, though.

What I thought about when Richard Blais used the word “plethora” to describe his ingredients to Top Chef fans

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