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Yes, MasterChef Junior is even more awesome this season

MasterChef Junior's judges are soaked with syrup, just for fun. (Photo by Greg Gayne/FOX)

Only two episodes of MasterChef Junior have aired so far, but it’s safe to say the show has retained–and even improved on–everything that made it such a great series last fall.

For HitFix, I look at six major reasons why the show is so terrific, from the talented kids to the way the judges treat them with respect by actually judging and constructively criticizing their food. I particularly love the kids’ honesty, like Abby telling Gordon Ramsay, “Can you move? I’m trying to concentrate.” Talented kids don’t have time for bullshiting when they’re working.

Mostly, though, it’s just playful and fun, as this clip illustrates. It’s from a near-pointless challenge that just resulted in the judges getting covered in syrup.