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Couples will have sex on stage, in a box, then spill all

Sex Box, a UK series on which couples have sex in a private, on-stage box and then talk about it with experts, is coming to the United States. WE tv has ordered the show, which will be produced by Relativity Television, the producers of Catfish and The Great Food Truck Race, among other series.

WE tv’s press release is careful to point out that no actual genitalia insertion will be shown on camera (it’s “a camera-free, soundproof box”), and tries hard to point out why this is a valuable exercise:

“Scientists and researchers cite that people are more trusting and open in the moments immediately after sex due to the body’s natural release of oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ As a result, post coital couples therapy is more powerful and effective.”

Considering there has been sex on live feeds and also an entire reality show about having sex, Foursome, this isn’t that shocking of a concept. If anything, it might be a little tame for cable, which now regularly shows nudity on Naked and Afraid, never mind The Real World‘s season-long orgy. Ultimately, it sounds like it’s mostly just about talking, and that sounds like the audience might get screwed.

For a sense of what the show might be like, assuming its adaptation doesn’t change it, here’s a brief trailer from Channel 4’s version, followed by a compilation of clips (the video was uploaded by one of the show’s experts, so it focuses on his contributions).