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Korina storming out of Project Runway is my new favorite reality show

Although the preview for Project Runway basically gave away the biggest moment of drama in this week’s episode, it was still immensely entertaining to watch Korina Emmerich freak out that she had to work with Char, the designer she lost to last week.

Even better than we could have hoped
To start: I was wrong. Based on the preview, I speculated/assumed that the producers brought Korina back just to force her to work with Char, which seemed like evil genius. Instead, it was a happy coincidence that resulted from smart producing. The twist challenge was to update a losing look, and it was Char who chose Korina’s dress to re-make–and not even because she didn’t have options, as she chose second. Instead, Char chose it “because it had the most fabric.” I can’t imagine how absolutely thrilled the producers must have been when she made that choice.

Korina’s face says it all
As Sean said, “Korina has the body language that tells the rest of the world to fuck off. She is arms crossed, sour faced. Korina looks pissed.” But to borrow from Jack Handey, the mouth part of Korina’s face said even more. “I really don’t want to do this. It’s very fresh, I’m still really upset, and I don’t think that I would be able to put enough effort into helping her, especially how I feel about what happened last time. So I really think you’ve chosen the wrong person.”

Tim Gunn caves. Why, Tim, why?
Tim and/or the producers made the perfectly ethical, responsible decision of letting Korina opt out (“That is perfectly fine. You may leave the workroom Korina”) and simply replaced her with Alexander. BUT WHY TIM WHY MAKE KORINA STAY WE WANT MORE OF THE DRAMAS.

Korina Storms Out, the web series
As I wrote on Twitter last night, I really want a web episode–series!–from the footage of Korina storming out of the building, which appeared to take a considerable amount of time. I even made a trailer for it. NPR’s Linda Holmes suggested this: “She could stomp out of different struggling businesses and not help them at all.” Yes. Come on, Lifetime! This is totally a show.

A heavy load
Sean said Korina “will regret her words and actions.” Oh Sean, you’re so cute with your optimism!

How childish Korina seems
That’s unfair to children.

Degree of Korina’s self-awareness, on a scale of 1 to 10

Number of designers at the start of the episode

Number of designers at the end of the episode
Four, all except Emily. Going on to Fashion Week: Kini, Sean, Amanda, Char

Number of designers who actually presented collections at Fashion Week
Nine, because the show uses all the contestants remaining at the time of Fashion Week as decoys, but they all still get their own fashion shows at Fashion Week, thus making the the show’s major conceit pretty irrelevant, as it has been for years.

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