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Tim Gunn goes where he’s never gone before on Project Runway

Tim Gunn goes where he’s never gone before on Project Runway
Tim Gunn and Alexander Knox have a moment. (Photo by Barbara Nitke/Lifetime)

On an all-new Project Runway, the designers have to find people in a New York City park and convince them to get makeovers and be models for three days, but the real drama comes after one designer essentially makes Tim Gunn dry heave and another prompts Tim Gunn to do something he’s never done before. Also, guess who said mean things behind other people’s backs?

The first Tim Gunn first
“You are one of the most talented designers I’ve ever met,” he told Alexander. “I have never said this in this history of Project Runway: This is one of the most hideous garments I have ever seen in my entire existence. It is hideous. You’ve got to change this. You’ve got to.” Then he got real: “It’s butt ugly.”

The second Tim Gunn first
“We have a Project Runway first,” Tim said, asking the designers if he could give Char 10 minutes to sew in a new zipper after she blamed her model for breaking the other one. His primary concern seemed to be the model’s modesty, since it exposed her on the side. No one said a word, Char got her 10 minutes, and her garment got a zipper.

Not a first
The designers started bitching behind Char’s back that the thing they’d just agreed to wasn’t fair. Perpetual mean girl Korina was complaining loudly, of course: “Tim Gunn saved her once, does he really have to save her again?” Yep: Char stayed and Alexander went home. But Korina stayed and won and kept complaining, because what else could she possibly say except cruel things?

Punctual Heidi scolds Tim
“Why were you guys late?” she demanded after openly wondering what was going on. But Tim refused to tell her until after the runway show.

How awkward it was for the judges to tear apart garments that the non-model models loved
Awkward. And then more awkward when they examined the clothes up close.

Just give the prize to to Kini even though Korina won
Seriously, his work is consistently amazing and he produces it effortlessly.

Zach Posen’s hair situation
It is hideous. You’ve got to change this. You’ve got to.

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