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After Samy threatens to stab someone, it’s time to leave Amy’s Baking Company alone

After Samy threatens to stab someone, it’s time to leave Amy’s Baking Company alone
Amy's Baking Company owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo on their first Kitchen Nightmares appearance.

Kitchen Nightmares has been cancelled, but drama stemming from Gordon Ramsay’s Fox reality series continues thanks to Amy’s Baking Company. However, now that Samy Bouzaglo has threatened to stab someone while being filmed, it’s time for everyone to leave them alone forever.

On Saturday, Samy Bouzaglo threatened to stab a patron who’d Amy told to leave. In the video, Amy appears to be quite rational and holds Samy back–while he’s holding what appears to be a large knife and yelling “let me!”–and tells him “It’s not worth it.” Later, she confronts someone while apparently filming with a phone, yelling, “You motherfucking piece of shit coward! You drunk!” So yeah.

The couple, by the way, told TMZ that Samy was holding a silver pen, not a knife.

Scottsdale’s CBS affilate reports that “police Officer David Pubins said authorities were called to the restaurant Saturday at around 5 p.m. to investigate a disturbance” but no one was arrested.

After Saturday’s incident, Amy told THR, “We’ve been bullied and harassed and victimized. We’re just trying to continue on with our lives and work and have a decent living.”

Regardless of what we saw during the episode and after, and whatever happened here, it’s easy to believe that’s true. While the original episode was entertaining, Fox and the show’s producers went too far (surprise), harassing Amy and Samy for an embarrassing follow-up episode. Anyone who continues to harass them or pay them any attention at all is crazy enough to get their own episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

It’s not surprising when aerosol containers explode when they’re thrown into a fire, and sooner or later someone’s going to get hurt.

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