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Cops crew member Bryce Dion killed by police during robbery

Cops crew member Bryce Dion killed by police during robbery

Bryce Dion, a 38-year-old sound mixer on Cops and crew member who’s worked on many other reality series ranging from Top Chef to Trading Spaces, was killed Tuesday night filming Cops in Omaha.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer, who’d previously said he invited the show to film there because “[I] want the professionalism of our officers on display for the city and world to see,” said during a press conference that “[t]his was a friendly-fire situation. It was an officer’s round that struck Mr. Dion” after the suspected robber fled out a doorway where Dion was standing.

Dion was wearing a vest but the bullet “came in under his left arm and slipped in between the vest, where there is an open area,” Schmaderer said.

During the press conference, Cops executive producer John Langley told the media:

“Bryce been with us seven years, and he really is one of our best … [He was] a very talented guy and he did something he loved and was passionate about. We’ve been very fortunate over the years that we’ve never had an incident like this. Unfortunately this happened and we’re dealing with it and it’s a very sad day for us.”

Earlier, Langley Productions said in a statement:

“We are deeply saddened and shocked by this tragedy and our main concern is helping his family in any way we can. Bryce Dion was a long term member of the Cops team and a very talented and dedicated person. We mourn his passing. An investigation is ongoing and we are cooperating with local authorities.”

Bryce Dion’s IMDB profile says that he’s worked as a sound mixer on shows such as Trading Spaces, The Antonio Treatment, The Glee Project, and Container Wars, and as a camera assistant on Top Chef, Last Comic Standing, Bands on the Run, Solitary, and many other series.

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