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Big Brother’s houseguests letting its puppet master Devin strangle them in his strings

Big Brother’s houseguests letting its puppet master Devin strangle them in his strings

During last night’s Big Brother, Zach referred to some of his fellow cast members as “the supporters of Devin, aka the idiots.” Caleb told Devin, “just like always, you blow it out of proportion, every time.” Hayden said “Devin has lost his mind.”

Yet Brittany actually told Devin, “This is your game,” which clearly Devin agrees is true: “I consider myself the puppet master.”

So how can he be pulling the strings if both his alliance members and others think he’s an idiot? Because what Brittany said is true: the others are letting him run the game. Because of that, as much as I want Devin out, I’m scared that he’ll leave and the house will resemble that silent alliance meeting.

As of the events depicted on last night’s episode, everyone’s playing a frustrating but smart game of using Devin as a shield that has a target painted on it. Zach was the only one to say anything, and as innocuous as his disagreement was, it was like vinegar on baking soda, causing a faux volcanic eruption and getting him nominated. Frankie explained, simply, that Zach failed because “you told him that you disagreed with him.” He then told Zach, “Why aren’t you lying?!”

Frankie, like the others, is content hiding behind Devin. Again, probably smart and also entertaining so far, but changeable. I hope Frankie stops redecorating his home in the style of the space-themed veto challenge and instead, along with his fellow houseguests, uses those “gigantic floating balls” to do something about Devin.

The standard end-of-episode, post-veto meeting music was, amusingly, scratched to illustrate that this was not the end, that more is to come. From what I’ve read about what’s happened on live feeds, it’s quite dramatic, though I’m already pre-annoyed that the show will only have a few minutes to cram those events into at the start of tonight’s live episode. The format really sucks in that everything that happens post-veto only gets an act or two.

While I’m complaining: The episode introduced the remaining Team America members–Frankie, duh, and Derrick, awesome–who had to introduce themselves to each other using code words, which was entertaining in that it was so absurd. However, the options for their first task are so dumb that it’s almost like someone felt like Devin’s stupidity was taking all the attention away from production stupidity, so now we can vote on which rumor we want them to spread.

When can we vote to have them do something about Devin?

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