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“Severly burned” Face Off stunt performer sues Syfy

Stunt performer Tamiko Brownlee has sued Face Off producers Mission Control Media, T-Minus productions, Syfy Media Productions, and others, claiming she was “severely burned over multiple parts of her body while participating in the television show ‘Face-Off.'”

Deadline published the full complaint [PDF], which says she was “surrounded and consumed by a fireball.” The complaint says she “did not know, was not advised, did not consent, assume and/or agree to participate … in said television production … where her person and/or body would be and/or run the risk of being burned.”

The lawsuit doesn’t say what role she had on Face Off, nor what season or episode, though it says the incident took place “on or about June 21, 2012.” Season 3 aired starting in August of 2012 and concluded with a live finale on Halloween.

However, Tamiko Brownlee’s IMDB profile lists one episode of the show: “Immortal enemies,” the season 3 finale on which the contestants had to create “a demon bent on destroying the world, and a good witch determined to track the demon down once and for all,” and which featured the characters performing in a stunt show.

Brownlee’s IMDB page also includes two photos (1, 2), which match up with a character Laura created, which Syfy described as “Laura’s Earth Witch, a graceful green, white and black force.”