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HIMYM spinning off a reality series: How I Met Your Big Brother

CBS was already developing spin-off called How I Met Your Dad long before last night’s How I Met Your Mother series finale, and now comes word that this summer, the network will air another spin-off: a reality series that pairs with the network’s usual summertime competition.

How I Met Your Big Brother will be a documentary-style series that will show just how Big Brother‘s cast members found their way onto a national television show, following both current cast members and some past cast members. However, only those unknown and underexposed past cast members will be profiled, such as fan favorite Jessie “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Godderz and beloved couple Rachel and Brendon.

When it profiles current cast members, producers hope it will serve as a way to humanize the cast even and help us understand why they do things such as voting for certain players, shouting so loudly in the Diary Room they cause hearing damage, going on racist rants, nominating who producers gently suggest they should nominate by telling them to do it or their future in Hollywood hosting shows will be ruined, and threaten to stab each other.

The series will illustrate the careful, scientific process by which talented casting producers narrow the applications, interview people, field applicants’ obnoxious phone calls for months and months, and then have their choices thrown out by executives who think they know better and are eager to re-use their press release about how the show is a social experiment designed to generate revenue off the back of disposable people.

For the first time ever, we’ll also see the background check process, or as it’s known outside of Hollywood, skimming the first page of Google results. We’ll also see past cast members describe how their close personal friendships with strangers on Facebook and Twitter led to their casting and gave them an outlet for the personal and confidential information they couldn’t share anywhere else.

Borrowing lessons from How I Met Your Mother’s nine-season run, the entire season will be dragged out long past its logical conclusion, finding creative, new ways to alienate even its biggest fans.

The show will air on the CBS-owned TVGN and be broadcast in standard definition to make it as unwatchable as possible.

This fictional, satirical story is part of the April 1, 2013, edition of reality blurred. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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