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Survivor Cagayan challenge puzzle was created by a Dream Teamer

Survivor Cagayan challenge puzzle was created by a Dream Teamer
Survivor Cagayan players compete in the immunity challenge, which incorporated an element designed by a member of Survivor's Dream Team (Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS)

A challenge from tomorrow night’s Survivor Cagayan, “Mazed and Confused,” wasn’t created by challenge producer John Kirhoffer, but instead was “designed, created, conceptualized from a Dream Teamer,” Jeff Probst explains in the preview below.

Dream Team members test and build challenges, work in the art department, and act as grips.

Part of the challenge has been used before, but the puzzle—which Kirhoffer says was created by Dream Teamer Nick—is definitely new and creative.

“Anything can happen,” Probst says. (No shit!)

Watch the Dream Team rehearse the challenge, and meet its creator:


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