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Amazing Race 24 teams update as race begins and first team is eliminated

The Amazing Race 24 started filming Saturday, and teams identified at the airport and elsewhere confirm that this is yet another season of returning cast members, though there are several differences from the cast list that surfaced last month.

There additions to the cast are Margie and Luke Adams, the Globetrotters, Mallory and Mark, Leo and Jamal, and John and Jessica; Mark is now racing with Mallory instead of Bopper. Teams that were previously identified that are not racing are Bopper and Mark, Andy and Tommy, Pam and Winnie, and Tim and Marie.

Reality Fan Forum has team photos and a race summary, including a picture of an actual clue, in addition to photos of host Phil Keoghan and someone who appears to be executive producer Betram Van Munster arriving in China. There is also play by play in China, including of the first elimination, from a Survivor Sucks poster named JasonTennisFan.

Here’s the full, updated cast:

  • Margie and Luke Adams, mother and son, seasons 14 and 18
  • Herb “Flight Time” Lang & Nate “Big Easy” Lofton, Harlem Globetrotters, seasons 15 and 18
  • Jet and Cord, cowboys, season 16 and 18
  • Rachel and Brendon, annoying Big Brother couple, season 20
  • Mallory Ervin and Mark Jackson, seasons 17 and 18 & season 20
  • Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, twins, season 21
  • Caroline Cutbirth and Jenn Wayne, country singer friends, season 22
  • Dave and Connor O’Leary, father and son, season 22
  • Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena, YouTube friends, season 22
  • John Erck and Jessica Hoel, engaged couple, season 22
  • Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, cousins, season 23

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