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Brad Culpepper defends himself: “I’m not misogynistic, I’m not sexist, I’m not racist”

Survivor Blood vs. Water cast member Brad Culpepper defended himself in interviews this week after his exit from the show was broadcast Wednesday, and insists he’s not the sexist man ordering around his wife and other women that the episodes suggested he was.

Asked very, very lightly about his shushing of women (“There was talk of you shushing women”) by Xfinity’s Gordon Holmes, Brad said,

“I don’t want to even acknowledge that. I don’t even know what shushing is. That was coming from Marissa and Marissa was very angry. Candice, all of her information was coming from other sources. You would have to ask the people on my tribe who spent some time with me. And as for burning the clue, she was trying to rip the clue, which wasn’t shown on television, to get rid of it. But it was folded up and was hard to rip. I told her to burn the clue and someone took that as me telling her what to do. I promise you, Monica is not the type to be married to a sexist man. And I’m very liberal. The shushing thing was absurd.”

But while Brad didn’t “want to even acknowledge” those labels, he did deny they applied to him in another interview. Brad told ET:

“I’m not misogynistic, I’m not sexist, I’m not racist. I’m not any of the things that were said. Even explaining myself almost gives credence to the accusations. All I can say is, ask the people who were on my tribe when I got voted out. They all had an opinion of me, and when I went to Redemption Island, I opened up the floor to any of them to speak, and they all spoke out on my behalf. How much they missed me, and how much I did, and how much I was not a tyrant and not a bully. … And those were the real people who were with me who could give insight in regards to how I am as a person, not the person who didn’t spend any time with me, and the person who was obviously Bitter Betty and spent three days with me. I don’t know what to say, I mean, those people had their opinion but I’ve been called a lot worse than what they were doing.”

As to his interesting response about burning the clue–Monica couldn’t tear it so he helpfully offered an alternative method of destruction instead of, you know, ordering his wife to do something that she did obediently–Brad repeated that but did not challenge the assertion that he “encouraged” it. Asked by the Hollywood Reporter whether it “was still the right call”–i.e., Brad’s call–he said, “I guess it remains to be seen. It’s protected her until now.”

Also, kind of good news: Brad said he’d never play again–unless he was free of the handicap known as Monica: “I’d never play with a loved one again. I felt very handicapped having to play with Monica. I had not only worry about myself but another person. If it’s another Blood vs. Water, no way, but if I didn’t have to worry about anyone on another tribe, I could stick it to them.”

On a related note, Brad appeared on the After Show, aka the thing that Parvati Shallow attempts to host, dressed as Jeff Probst, which Monica said is his Halloween costume. It’s a well-done costume and pretty funny, but would be far more hilarious and less disturbing if it were not for Probst’s deep man crush on Culpepper, and I’m not sure how to wrap my head around someone dressing up like the guy who has a man crush on him.

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