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More of Big Brother 15 cast’s awfulness and bigotry: watch the video

The Big Brother 15 cast members’ hateful language directed at one another and groups of people includes a lot more than the racist, sexist, and homophobic comments that earned attention last week.

A new compilation uploaded to YouTube late this weekend highlights a lot of the awful things the cast has said and done (for example, Jeremy literally wiped his butt with Elissa’s hat), and cleverly juxtaposes those with cast members’ interviews and other comments. These include the racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks that aired and have been highlighted here and elsewhere, but also a lot of new things.

These clips also include some context that shows how sometimes, others laugh at or refuse to challenge what often seems like hateful, targeted language, not just insensitive joking.

For example, we see Spencer calling Andy “Kermit the fag” as he joins a group on the couches in the back yard, and he actually says that he’d been saving the joke: “I’ve been waiting to say that for a while. I just wanted an audience before I whipped that one out.” Andy doesn’t laugh while Amanda repeats it: “‘Kermit the fag.’ That is hilarious.” You also see how neither Andy nor Nick challenged GinaMarie’s use of the phrase “nigger insurance.”

In addition, several people argued McCrae’s comment (“If I’m talking to a girl, that means that I probably don’t want to fuck her.”) shouldn’t have been included because he meant it in a self-deprecating way, rather than in a sexist or anti-female way, but the sentence he says immediate afterwards doesn’t make it seem like a self-deprecating joke: “Because if I want to fuck a girl, I don’t want to talk to them, I don’t want to give them any attention.”

Here is a lot, though not all, of what is said in this supercut (I’ve excluded what’s already documented here):

  • Andy refers to Helen as “Kim Jong Helen Kim.”
  • Amanda uses the phrase “the fucking Chinamen”; she says “same thing” when told that Helen is Korean.
  • Jeremy repeatedly uses the word “kike” and the word “Jewed.”
  • Amanda says “Jewed” and says “[indecipherable] fucking Jew jokes all the time”
  • Spencer, referring to Candice, says, “She doesn’t have any merits to be here. They had to have a black chick.”
  • Spencer says that a comment is “something inapprpriate to add to my bigot reel.”
  • Spencer says, “about 99.9 percent of people in Africa [indecipherable] themselves.”
  • Many of the cast members, including Spencer, Amanda, Aaryn, and Nick, use the word “retarded” in a pejorative way.
  • Jeremy says to McCrae, who’s straight, “Hey, where did you put my shorts, queer boy?”
  • Jeremy says the following: “fuckin’ dyke”; “lesbians make the best sandwiches”; “Elissa’s faggot ass”; “queer sex is not sexual, not for any of us.”
  • Amanada: says,”Andy is a real-life fairy” and, later, “I’m the biggest gay activist that fuckin’ there is.”
  • Spencer uses the word “cunt” repeatedly, including in these contexts: “if that cunt lasts until jury…”; “fucking cuntiest speech I’ve heard on Big Brother”; “I can’t wait to hear to her fuckin’ cunt speech again”; “She’s not a little cunt.”
  • GinaMarie says, “I fucking want to stab her like in the fucking neck like 50 times, just jump the bitch.”
  • Amanda says, “We’ll just take her and swing her into a fucking wall and just knock all her teeth out. She’s crying and she’ll be a little bloody but it’ll be okay.” Spencer says, “And you can just use those bodily fluids as lube. Tears and blood make the best lube.” Amanda says, “Let’s just slit her throat and kill her and then she’ll be limp and loose and then we can do anal too, because it’ll be loose and she won’t scream.” Spencer says, “Screaming’s not that big a deal. Everybody knows that ‘no’ means ‘keep trying’ and ‘get off me’ means stop.”

Aaryn’s racist comments only aired on Sunday’s episode because, as CBS, producers, and Julie Chen said, they fit into a storyline. Will any of this fit into any storylines?

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