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Survivor Cagayan: Paulaui Island hosting the show, which won’t leave the Philippines

Update: Details on Survivor’s 28th season, officially titled Survivor Cagayan.

Like the 25th and 26th seasons of Survivor, the 27th and 28th seasons will be filmed in the Philippines, but the CBS reality competition will move to the northern part of the country, to the province of Cagayan, where Paulaui Island is located; Cagayan is part of Luzon Island, the largest island in the Philippines.

Season 27, which will be cast with returnees paired with family members or loved ones, will probably get a subtitle, but could be named after the province where it’ll take place, Survivor Cagayan, or the island itself, Survivor Palaui Island.

Palaui Island is at the extreme northern end of the Philippines, while Caramoan, which hosted the previous two seasons, is further south and to the east of Manila. There are beaches surrounded by forest and mountains, and the topography is different but also less dramatic than Caramoan. (It is, of course, a different place than Palau and Pulau Tiga, both of which have hosted the show before.)

A blogger visited the island last month and was told by locals that Cape Engaño, a beach with a lighthouse built in the late 1800s, will be closed along with two other beaches; the lighthouse could serve as an interesting Tribal Council location. Another person said the show will also use Puzo Robo beach.

A Inquirer Northern Luzon report in early March was the first sign that the show would go there, though it said it was the UK version, not the CBS show, that was “being considered the next location of the British reality television series, Survivor.” But other details lined up, including that “Filming will start on May 19 and will last for about six months.” That’s one week after the finale of Survivor Caramoan.

That the show will film there was confirmed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which published a photo on its web site (first noticed by Survivor Sucks) with this caption:

“CAGAYAN NORTH ECOTOURISM BOOST – RED Tumaliuan presides over the Protected Area Management Board meeting held on Feb. 27, 2013 that tackled the shooting of Survivor USA in Palaui Island, Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Considering the benefits that the project offers not only in promoting the province as a world-class filming location and tourist destination but also providing employment opportunities to the community, the PAMB expressed its support subject to a memorandum of understanding between the PAMB, Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and the proponent to ensure protection of the Agtas and the island. Also in photo are (from left to right) CEZA Deputy Administrator Geoffrey Cabalza, Protected Areas and Wildlife Division Chief Restituta Antolin and proponent Lope Juban Jr.”

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