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Omarosa’s attorney threatens media, La Toya over her Apprentice comment

Sunday’s Celebrity Apprentice has prompted a legal threat from Omarosa’s attorney over the showdown between Omarosa and LaToya Jackson, who said in her exit interview that Omarosa is “conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke [sic].”

Oscar-nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan was engaged to Omarosa and died last fall after suffering a heart attack; Omarosa gave him CPR after he collapsed, but he later died. La Toya referenced that after being fired, essentially for not bringing Omarosa back into the boardroom after Omarosa was absent for most of the task.

La Toya backed away from her initial comment slightly when she told Andy Cohen that she meant “I wouldn’t be surprised if she probably would…” She emphasized the word “if.” Andy Cohen interrupted (of course) and said, “pull the life support off of him,” and La Toya continued, “and that was a statement, because everybody knows that was working on the team how she tried to sabatoge everything and how she was very vindictive and that mean spirited–she lives up to her reputation very well.”

Omarosa’s unnamed attorney said in a statement to Radar,

“La Toya Jackson’s statement on the March 17, 2013 episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, that the Reverend Omarosa Manigault caused her fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan to die, is false, vicious and defamatory.

Rev. Manigault has been heralded as a life saver for her actions on the evening that her fiancé suffered a life-ending heart attack. It is because of her bravery that Mr. Duncan — the love of Rev. Manigault’s life — was able to live for months beyond that tragic night. Mr. Duncan passed away from natural causes.

Ms. Jackson made the statement immediately after having been ‘fired’ off the show, and blames Rev. Manigault for her loss. It is repulsive and of the lowest level of class for Ms. Jackson, who showed herself to be a ‘sore loser’ in making these disgusting statements in the wake of Rev. Manigault’s tragic loss.”

Regardless of how you feel about Omarosa, her tears, her disappearance during the task, or what happened in the boardroom, that’s all hard to argue with; La Toya was just being cruel. But here’s the part where the statement gets interesting:

“As her counsel, we have been directed to pursue these defamatory statements to the fullest extent of the law with La Toya Jackson and any other participating publications or media outlets who repeat or repost these statements.”

So, yes, her attorney is saying they’ll take some kind of legal action against those who repeat La Toya’s comments–and so far, that is a lot of media outlets. Also hilarious that the attorney said that in a statement to a media outlet that began its story by repeating the comment in its third paragraph.

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