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“Explosive,” “volatile,” “psychological, sexual warfare”: The Real World Portland

MTV today announced the cast of The Real World Portland, which has been known since last fall, and both trailers and a press release make it clear that the show is continuing to be cable TV’s preeminent cocktail of alcohol, sex, and violence.

Perhaps the only new thing is that the cast includes a dog, although I recall that, in Miami, Sarah got a puppy. (Update: As several comments point out, there were dogs in earlier seasons that I did not remember, including season one. But this is the first season in which the dog appears on the cast list.)

In the past few years, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ve outgrown the show as it’s gotten worse. It’s produced for a generation to which I don’t belong or identify, and that it has survived and remained popular proves that its producers know what they are doing. But I do long for a show with arguments about Delicious Deliveries instead of what the trailer below shows, including that violence and sex are now becoming one.

The network said in a press release that this is “the most explosive season ever,” and I managed to keep reading after that to learn that:

“After 28 seasons, The Real World still packs a punch as the twists and turns keep on coming in the most unpredictable season yet. Living in the trendy Pearl District, eight strangers, and house mutt Daisy, quickly immerse themselves in Portland culture, but more importantly, immerse themselves in each other’s lives. Whether it’s the insatiable beauty who falls fast for the Boston boy next door or the jumping-up-and-down-on-the-couch argument between an overconfident hothead and a naïve Southern Belle, these roommates can’t seem to get out of each other’s heads or beds. And when one roommate leaves early, the already volatile nature of the house gets cranked up to a feverpitch as the new roommate–quite possibly the most outrageous in Real World history–makes it her mission to bring down one of the guys by any means necessary–including psychological, sexual warfare. But this season, relationships evolve and turn on a dime, so you’ll have to tune in to keep track of the endless surprises as these roommates go from friends to enemies again and again.”

Oh. Yay.

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