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Lohan, Armstrong reject DWTS; Top Model destroys her face; Big Brother marriage; Bachelorette parody

  • Both Lance Armstrong and Lindsay Lohan rejected the opportunity to revive their reputations on Dancing with the Stars, with Lohan turning down a reported $550,000 because her team didn’t think she could commit to the schedule. (Tangent: If you have not yet read Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie, read it now.
  • Speaking of Lindsay, guess which reality show cast member Lindsay Lohan made out with? It’s Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D, according to Snooki, and I apologize for writing these two sentences.
  • America’s Next Top Model all-stars winner Lisa D’Amato severely injured her face while playing around at a hotel following filming for a movie, and then posted horrific photos of her injuries. She told People that after the “totally freak accident,” she now has “a super cute nose” following “a nice little nose job.”
  • Hell’s Kitchen will replace an hour of Fox’s comedy block on Tuesdays, including the cancelled Ben and Kate, starting March 12.
  • An “Emmy-winning reality TV production company is casting for a reality TV version of Girls on Craigslist, which sounds like something that should be on Girls.
  • Big Brother 13‘s Dominic Briones and Daniele Donato married.
  • A former 16 and Pregnant production crew member talks on Reddit about how the series fought against the effect of fame, and breaks down how even “a documentary style show” has “staged” scenes, such as producers asking two cast members to discuss something.
  • A casting call for a series that would follow people at a community newspaper got more than 70 responses; the show is produced by NBC Peacock Productions, which is working with the National Newspaper Association to find a newspaper. As I was reminded on Twitter, there was a fantastic Bravo show years ago about The New York Daily News: Tabloid Wars. Even better, you can still watch it.
  • Khloe Kardashian Odom is not pregnant and not making a new E! series with Kim Kardashian. Phew.
  • Jennifer Hudson thinks American Idol should end and “go out on top.” Too late.
  • Yahoo’s parody of The Bachelor returns Feb. 14 as a parody of The Bachelorette, starring June Diane Raphael as the show’s star. Also appearing: first-season actors Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, and Adam Scott, plus Jerry O’Connell, Michael Cera, Colin Hanks, Adam Brody, Nick Kroll, and Paul Scheer, among others. Despite a strong group of actors, its trailer makes it look weak, and not up to the fun and smart Bachelor satire that season one provided.
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