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Bachelor mansion: behind the scenes

The Bachelor mansion, at the start of season 22. Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. talks to host Chris Harrison. (Photo by Paul Hebert/ABC)

ABC’s The Bachelor franchise is currently airing its 25th season, and to celebrate that, Warner Bros. invited TV critics to its Southern California mansion, where the men and women meet each other for the first time and start their romantic televised journey toward a public break-up.

Creator Mike Fleiss praised the show’s cast and crew and said “the show has been a true blessing in so many ways. I’m so grateful to everybody’s who’s been part of it. The money and all this stuff is fuckin’ great, but there’s things that I’m truly proud of, and one of them is that the show has tapped into popular culture.”

That it has, and the mansion itself has become an iconic symbol of the series, and now an often-copied trope in reality television. Here’s a tour of the house and behind-the-scenes details about how the production uses the space, with insight from production designer Angelic Rutherford, whose team does the incredible work you may never have paid attention to but which is a key part of the series.