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Sea Shepherd hiring crew to film next season of Whale Wars

Footage for the next season of Whale Wars may be shot by camera operators and producers hired by Sea Shepherd, the organization the show covers, according to an ad it posted.

Sea Shepherd leaves Saturday for its campaign Operation Zero Tolerance, which includes four ships, including the new SSS Sam Simon, and drones to search for whalers. However, it’s unclear if the Japanese will even send whalers to the Southern Ocean; earlier this fall, Japan announced that the Nisshin Maru needed repairs and they might not hunt whales this year, never mind that whalers said Sea Sheherd’s actions cost them $20.5 million last year. Also, most people in Japan don’t eat whale meat, and most are undecided about whaling, according to a recent survey.

In a hilarious ad posted on Reality Staff on Tuesday, Sea Shepherd sought a field director/producer for 14 weeks of work; the listed departure date was the day or the day after the ad was posted. Oh Sea Shepherd, never change.

The ad mysteriously says, “A tragic accident (he will be ok eventually) has left us with a space to fill.” Eventually?! It goes on to reveal that “Sea Shepherd has the responsibility this year of to document this Antarctic campaign ourselves,” and adds, “We are looking for people who are passionate for the cause but also will carry the professional responsibility of telling the story of the campaign and it’s volunteer crew as we embark on a campaign determined to shut down whaling in the Southern Ocean.”

If Sea Shepherd does what they say they’re doing and hires crews to film this season, that would be similar to Whale Wars: Operation Bluefin, a special that aired when Whale Wars: Viking Shores was being broadcast and that featured Sea Shepherd footage edited by the show’s producers, Lizard Trading Company.

A Sea Shepherd spokesperson told Ecorazzi that “This arrangement provides us greater flexibility for distribution purposes, as we will own the footage.”

Their ad–similar to one posted in Australia–says season six “promises to be one of the most exciting campaigns (Whale Wars) so far, we have a larger fleet than ever before and a Captain ‘on the run’ who will be joining the campaign at some undisclosed location!”

Yes, having an internationally wanted fugitive with nothing to lose aboard should be exciting, to say the least.

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