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Ask Andy: What are your favorite scripted shows? Are you gay?

“I have always wondered, what are your favorite scripted shows? Either currently on the air or in the past.” –Melissa Oswald, Sacramento, Calif.

I do actually watch (and read) fiction, and love high-quality television in whatever form it comes. In terms of shows from the past, there are too many to list and/or remember, from The Golden Girls to Seinfeld, Star Trek: The Next Generation to Firefly, Six Feet Under to the Sporanos, Deadwood to West Wing, South Park to Arrested Development, The United States of Tara to In Treatment.

To answer what I’m watching now, I was going to just list shows I watched the past week, but there are many series I love that aren’t currently airing. So, here are some categories instead.

Shows I’m currently committed to: Homeland, Happy Endings, Parks and Recreation, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Southland, Girls, Veep, Justified

New(er) shows I’m watching for now: Elementary, The Last Resort, American Horror Story, Game On, Shameless, The Good Wife

Shows I’m watching because I want to see how they end even though they are not as strong as they once were: Dexter, The Office, 30 Rock

Shows I want to watch but have not yet: Friday Night Lights, The Shield, Twin Peaks, Revenge

I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Or many.

Andy, are you gay? –Warren Z.



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