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Ian and Dan discuss Sucks, Jokers strategy, how Big Brother finals casting hasn’t changed in years

Ian and Dan discuss Sucks, Jokers strategy, how Big Brother finals casting hasn’t changed in years

Yesterday, Big Brother feed watchers noticed a conversation between Dan and Ian about various web sites, during which they mentioned sites including reality blurred. (That they mentioned me is, of course, clear evidence that they have run out of things to talk about and/or they are bored out of their minds.) Ian said two things that were interesting, though: Posting on message boards mitigates the hate, and the finalist casting process hasn’t changed in years.

First, Ian told Dan that he intended to post on Survivor Sucks and Jokers, because “Janelle’s number-one piece of advice was go to Jokers and then just post something. Prove that it’s you, and then they can’t ever bash you.”

Um. I wouldn’t use the word “can’t,” and I think that’s probably just asking to be bashed. However, those who join the fray do often earn the respect from the anonymous hoards.

A few moments later, Dan asked Ian about reality blurred, and said, “He has some snark to him, but I like him.” I LIKE YOU TOO DAN, EVEN WHEN YOU SHOUT AND MISPRONOUNCE MY NAME. Ian, who correctly pronounced my name, proving he’s the smartest person in the house by far, said, “He does have a lot of snark. I’ve read his–in fact, I remember seeing, like, this is what finalists for Big Brother go through on his site.”

Ian was referring to this behind-the-scenes of finals casting piece, which I published last year based on a previous year’s finals casting process.

Amazingly, Ian said that casting hasn’t changed in the intervening years. Producers have found a process–and paperwork, errors and all–that works for them. “It was so funny, because it was exactly the same, typos and all. No special requests for snacks,” Ian said. “And it was in all caps, like it was on the same level as other really big ones.”

He’s referring to the last bullet point in the list of things I highlighted from the casting documents, which use similar typography when it mentions talking to other finalists (“ABSOLUTELY NOT PERMITTED”) and food requests (“CANNOT TAKE SPECIAL REQUESTS FOR SNACKS”). Good to know that, if you want to be on Big Brother, you have to be willing to eat the snacks they provide.


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