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Behind the scenes of The Glass House

Most of my interview with executive producer Kenny Rosen was conducted from behind one of the mirrored walls that make up The Glass House.

We were standing behind the tubes from which players enter and exit, watching the players blow bubbles and answer viewer questions in the living room during the July 31 3 p.m. ET live streaming episode.

They were staring at the wall and had no idea we were there; there were also five camera operators behind the living room’s two walls.

Like Big Brother‘s house, The Glass House is constructed in a soundstage and has hidden hallways for camera operators. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end, from the way Big Brother‘s house actually opens up to the outdoors to The Glass House‘s more subtle design.

To compare them, read this and then my reports on Big Brother‘s set: inside the house and in the yard and control room.

Inside The Glass House

Inside the soundstage

Glass House’s lighting, camera blinds, and mirrors

What life is like for Glass House players

Outside the house