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Howard Stern calls Jay Leno “spineless maggot,” gets “threatening” call from NBC

An NBC executive told America’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern not to talk about Jay Leno, and Howard has predictably responded by saying, “Fuck Jay. Take my job away from me; who cares.”

On Monday’s radio show, Howard discussed layoffs at The Tonight Show, and said, among other things, that Jay is a “spineless maggot.” On Tuesday’s show, a caller asked Howard if he expected to hear from NBC about those comments. Howard said he already had heard from an unnamed executive: “I was laughing: I said, ‘Do not tell me not to talk about Jay Leno. I will fucking talk about Jay for four hours if you tell me not to. I was done with Jay Leno; now I’m all fired up again. Fuck Jay. Take my job away from me; who cares. I will never, ever endorse Jay.” He later called Jay “a back-stabbing cum bag that I don’t give a shit about.”

Thanks to links unearthed by TVTattle, you can listen to Howard’s rant about the NBC phone call, or listen to the original comments.

On Tuesday, Howard went on: “Don’t fucking threaten me. Are you out of your fucking mind? It just shows you how dumb this situation is. I don’t answer to anybody. Everyone knows that. That’s part of the game. And that’s why I’m a great fucking judge. “

Later, Howard softened a bit for a moment, saying, “I love my job on AGT; I love working for the people at NBC, they’ve been nothing but wonderful. But please don’t tell me what to say. I’d rather leave than not talk about Jay Leno. I’ll leave the job. I don’t care. Get rid of me. It’s fine. Fire me too.”

If only America’s Got Talent was this dramatic.

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