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Survivor’s Kat scratched because of her rantics

“Blindsides are always fun and exciting,” Kat Edorsson said during Survivor One World‘s Tribal Council, and of course she had no idea that she was the one about to be blindsided by her entire tribe, which had enough of her rantics. She didn’t think this one was fun, though, and was so shocked she sobbed audibly as she walked down the path of shame.

Ultimately, it seems like they were just annoyed with Kat’s stupidity and increasingly childish behavior (“I’m 22! Sometimes I poop myself! I’m 22!”) and decided now was as good a time as ever to get rid of her. The most compelling argument I heard for getting rid of Kat was her relationship with the jury, i.e. the men; the other arguments don’t hold up as well. While Kim was worried about Sabrina’s ability to convince a jury that she’s more deserving, she ultimately went along with the group consensus that Kat had to go.

The tribe locked in on that because of her performance in the reward challenge and in the immunity challenge–and, more importantly, her behavior after both challenges, including pouting after losing immunity. (Until the blindside moment, when she demonstrated how truly shocked she was, I wondered if she knew she was in trouble, hence her sadness after losing immunity.)

Yes, Kat won a challenge and nearly won immunity–a fun but simple endurance challenge that turned Jeff Probst into a medieval dungeon master turning a crank to increase pain as the players were dangling over water–but the tribe can’t really be concerned about challenge threats, because if they were, they’d send Kim home immediately. Actually, Kim unquestionably deserves to win right now if only because she’s won three out of four challenges in a row, including one that exposed how much everyone likes her, and no one appears to be aware that she will stomp all over them at the final Tribal Council.

The one challenge Kim lost was the reward challenge this week, and she was very close to winning (though it seemed a little like she may have thrown it, hesitating/getting stuck/pretending to be stuck at the very end). That challenge included family members, who came to Samoa for tears and, in Kat’s case, grunting and humping. They participated in the challenge, which I always like–really dumb to bring people all that way and have them stand around–but the challenge itself wasn’t all that interesting, just another find-your-way-through-ropes challenge.

Kat and her equally fun/weird best friend/cousin won, and unsurprisingly was able to select two people and their family members to go with her. The tribe seemed to think that Tarzan and Christina were the only ones who deserved to be picked, arguing that Tarzan and his wife only have a few years left (um, he’s 64, not 104) and that Christina has fewer years left with her father, who just had a kidney transplant and apparently doesn’t have a long life expectancy. That’s really sad, of course, but in less than two weeks, they’ll all be able to spend as much time as they want together, so I don’t understand the outrage. Sure, it’d be nice to have a memory of spending time together in Samoa, but that’s true for everyone. And if the situation really was that dire, why go on a reality show for six weeks? Yes, I lack feelings.

Speaking of my lack of feelings, these family reunions barely register for me any more, just because they’re so familiar now. There were funny moments–Chelsea telling her dad, “it’s not tan, it’s dirt”; Tarzan saying he and his wife “have a quantum entanglement”; Kat and her cousin mounting each other–but otherwise, meh. I think Survivor needs to do something unexpected with those, like bring them for the final episode, when the contestants are convinced it’s too late and their family will never show up. Or let them come out with the jury at Tribal Council. Something different.

Anyway, Kat didn’t pick Tarzan and Christina, she chose Kim (who didn’t take Kat after winning reward last week, which Jeff Probst reminded her) and Alicia. Really. More significantly, she managed this in the worst possible way, telling Probst, “I’ve been wanting to hang out with these two girls for a long time” and then gloating, “I’m about to get drunk!”

Later, she acknowledged, “maybe I shouldn’t have picked those two people strategically” but said she planned to “eat my cake, get drunk, and go back to the tribe and deal with them later.” Of course, they dealt with her later instead.

During her final confessional, she cried, “I left before Christina and Tarzan,” which is really what upset her, but then, in the most chilling moment of the entire episode, said, “I’m going to beg Jeff to let me play again so I can redeem myself.” Yes, this is what Survivor has come to in 2012.

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