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How much Idol’s Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez will be paid; Ace Young addresses proposal ring ad

As the runner-up on American Idol, Jessica Sanchez isn’t guaranteed a record deal, like past runners-up, but both she and winner Phillip Phillips have other sources of income from the show. The AP reviewed the finalists’ contracts and discovered details of their pay:

  • Phillip Phillips receives $300,000 as an advance when he finishes his first album.
  • Jessica Sanchez isn’t guaranteed an album deal and $175,000 advance, like every previous runner-up has been. Instead, she “could be paid as little as $30,000 if she is asked to perform four single songs, or $60,000 if she records an EP of between four and 10 songs,” The AP reports, citing their contract, which “has replaced a guaranteed album deal for the runner-up with a staggered ‘Development Period’ that requires less music and pays out less in advances.” Of course, she may still get a record deal with that $175,000 advance.
  • For appearing as part of The American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World, Phillip receives $200,000, while Jessica will receive $50,000; both also receive a percentage of merchandise sales.
  • The other finalists have the possibility of deals ranging from singles to full albums, with four singles getting them an advance of $24,000.

Meanwhile, Ace Young said that the product placement during his obnoxious proposal on the live finale last week was not because the company he mentioned paid for the ring–even though he basically spoke as if the entire proposal was an sponsored advertisement: “With the help of David Webb Jewlery, I have a way to make this fun last forever.”

Ace insisted to E! News, “They didn’t give it to me for free. The reason why I mentioned them in the proposal was because I went to them the Friday before and said I wanted a special ring made and they did it in four days!”

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