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“Survivor cuties” collection: one Survivor fan/groupie’s shrine

There are many Survivor fans. There are super-fans, people with incredible knowledge of the game and its history. And there are a few groupies, people who follow the cast to charity events and get pictures taken taken with them and hang out with them and collect things that those people have touched.

At least one of those people has created a web site devoted to his obsession/collection, and if you really want to be cast on the show, it might give you momentary pause when you see that someday, someone might own and display the clothes you wore and write things such as this about you, especially if you resemble Lindsey Richter from Survivor Africa:

“Even as Survivor: Africa was airing, I was busy collecting photos of the tall blonde with the sassy attitude and a sexy bottom that even the leeches couldn’t resist. Edited as a total bitch, her emotional scene at her final tribal council showed she actually had a heart filled with love for friends. I later found that simply to know her is to love her!

After Linz was voted out in Episode 6, I followed her whirlwind of appearances on the Early Show, Letterman, Craig Kilburn, Regis and Kelly and Stern shows. Later, after we had become friends, she sent me links to commercial spots in which she appeared…some shown in the collage above.

In July, 2002, I met Linz for the first time at the VIP preparty for SurvivorFest in Lincoln, Nebraska. The first photo I ever took of her was as she signed an autograph and she immediately told me to give her a chance to smile before taking pictures because she didn’t want to appear ‘unattractive’. I thought she looked darling, but I’ve never shown that first photo to anyone.”

You have been warned.

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