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Is Courtney pregnant with Ben’s Bachelor fantasy suite baby? Did she fake a miscarriage?

About the only possible way this season of The Bachelor could get any more ridiculous is if Courtney Robertson became pregnant with Ben Flajnik’s child while the show was in production, but that’s exactly what’s being reported by a gossip magazine–while another says she lied about having a miscarriage earlier in her life to get closer to Ben.

In Touch said that “rumors are swirling that he may have impregnated Courtney,” perhaps in a fantasy suite, and an alleged friend of Ben’s allegedly told the magazine Ben is “completely petrified at the thought of starting a family with someone he has only known for a few months.” But Gossip Cop says the pregnancy report by insisting “an ABC insider assures Gossip Cop the pregnancy rumor is ‘totally inaccurate.'” (What’s the deal with debunking thinly, anonymously sourced rumors with another thin, anonymous source? Why should I believe that?)

In a perhaps related story, The National Enquirer is reporting that Courtney “planned to seduce Ben and then tell him she was expecting his child. But her attempts to bed him failed, so she cooked up an­other devious scheme, sources tell The Enquirer. With the cameras off, a teary Courtney made a sympathy play for Ben’s heart, confessing that she wanted to bear his child after being haunted by a tragic miscar­riage — and Ben bought her weepy story, hook, line and sinker!”

The tabloid says she lied about that, and never miscarried, but came up with that story after Ben didn’t take her up on the offer of visiting her room in Panama, where they presumably would have had sex.

Both of these stories are crazy and yet not that unbelievable–and a sure sign that there is one thing keeping this season alive, and her name is Courtney.

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