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Rachel’s X Factor elimination: the tears should be Nicole’s for being a failed judge

Rachel Crow was eliminated from The X Factor last night, because she received the fewest number of viewer votes. Her exit may be sad for Rachel and her fans, but it is not surprising for those who watch reality competitions. It’s also not surprising that terrifyingly bad judge Nicole Scherzinger is responsible for the elimination–not because she voted to keep Marcus Canty, but because she refused to do anything.

Even Paula Abdul made a decision, voting to keep Rachel because her performance “blew me away.” When it came time for Nicole to say who she was sending home, she touched her face dramatically and tried to squeeze out tears. Rachel, 13, told Nicole, 33, “Please don’t cry. It’s okay. I’m good with anything.”

Nicole then officially acknowledged that she’s failed at her job as a judge. “I can’t make this decision. Please. I can’t make this decision because I’ve been up there and I know how it feels and I love and adore both of you,” she said. But ever-wooden host Steve Jones made her cast a vote to deadlock the judges’ vote, which meant viewer votes decided, and Rachel went home.

Rachel then collapsed to the floor and sobbed perhaps more dramatically and awfully than any other eliminated reality show contestant ever. Disconnected from the video, it sounded like a wounded child or a kid having a temper-tantrum. Steve Jones, of course, ignored that, because why pay attention to what’s actually happening when you can throw to a pre-packaged video?

At the A.V. Club, Emily Yoshida has a brilliant takedown of Nicole’s awfulness that’s a must-read, because it perfectly sums up why “Nicole has effectively robbed Rachel of her bathroom and earned America’s hatred,” which is because she “doesn’t have the guts or presence of mind to have a real opinion about anything.” She notes that “There is nothing likeable about Nicole Scherzinger.” Ouch–but true.

Here’s Nicole’s failure and its consequence from last night’s episode:

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